Sega has released two new content packs for Endless Space 2 on Steam.

Harmonic Memories & Celestial Worlds, as they are known, are music and lore packs for Endless Space 2. These elegant titles seem to promote feelings of comfort and wonderment. The team over at Sega seems to prefer the words “lovely” and “poetic” as part of their description. Either way, a pleasant feeling seems to be the goal here.


Harmonic Memories

Composer FlybyNo is the designer of these somewhat new sounds. He took 9 tracks from the original Endless Space soundtracks and put his own unique spin on each one for this project. The composer himself spoke a bit about the Harmonic Memories soundtrack, and said on his website:

“For this musical add-on, I chose my 9 favorite songs from Endless Space and modernized them with new instruments and musicians. In two pieces we recorded some ‘duduk,’ the Armenian flute emblematic of ES1‘s main theme. I also recorded a duet of singers for all the choir parts (that I had sung myself at the time, and I can tell you that I sing particularly badly!). All the rhythmic parts were redone by my assistant Alexandre. I replaced most of the synthesizers with brand new ones. The new synths include John Bowen’s Solaris and The River, a rare French synthesizer, of which only 20 copies have been produced to date. I hope you enjoy listening to this creation as much as I did producing it.”

There will also be a new Harmony Hero as part of this pack. Reflects is the character’s name. The main theme surrounding this character is fatalism and its description is as follows: “A fatalist hero who has decided to accept Dust as a natural part of life.” Thus, the Academy is taking in Reflects. Scientists and philosophers of the Academy were as willing to study Reflects as much as it was willing to study the Academy’s ways.

Celestial Worlds

This brand new line of adventure features 14 chapters and various conclusions. The leader of the Academy is losing his control, and the heroes are beginning to think for themselves. They now see planets as being up for grabs and as new sources of power for them to pursue. Also included in this pack will be 2 new planets, 6 weapon modules, and 8 empire improvements.

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