What is the Workshop?

The Overwatch Workshop is an in-game scripting system. The system allows players to customize the game’s rules, and people have been taking advantage of this newest update. Not only can you create new game modes, but you can also change the core mechanics behind hero abilities. There have been some insanely creative ideas, and the following is only a small pool of what the Overwatch player base has come up with.

Navi from the Zelda Games

Perhaps one of my favorite creations is the introduction of Navi. In this custom mode, Tracer can walk around the map while Navi informs her of the dangers ahead. It’s also, much like the Zelda games, played in the third person.

If you want to try this game mode, the code is 6WXRW. Press ‘F’ to interact with Navi. Be warned, this mode has only been tested with one player. Glitches are likely to occur with more than one person present.

Overwatch Racing

Of course, no one’s surprised that Overwatch Racing is one of the first workshop modes. Certain Overwatch heroes are known for their mobility, and creating race tracks for them was the next logical conclusion. Characters like Lucio and Hammond can now duke it out on five different maps, racing to see who is the superior main.

Not only are the maps converted to race tracks, but they also include boost rings, freeze traps, and podium finishers. The workshop code for this mode is Q8KT7.

Gun Game

In this game mode, the player works their way through the Overwatch hero roster by killing other players. You progress if you get a kill. You regress if you are killed by the same hero as you or by an ultimate. It’s a similar mode to Counter-Strike’s gun game. There are a few different versions of this game, but if you want to play this specific one, use code 7DC42.

Deployable Bastion Turret

Turrets are every Overwatch players best friend. Bastion and Torbjorn can make any game a living hell. Well now, it’s even worse. In this mode, instead of Torbjorn throwing his standard turret, he places a Bastion. The Bastion locks on to other players and has infinite ammo, much like Torbjorn’s default turret.

The workshop code for this mode is BEDTA. I don’t know what the practicality of a mode like this is, but I’m betting it would be fun for a few games.


Lastly, there’s now a mode that allows the player to place portals like the ones in Portal and Portal 2. The mechanic seems similar to the ones used in the games, except the colors are different, and the portals can be placed anywhere instead of just on walls. The code for this workshop is 672SH.

Players have come up with some unique additions to the workshop. Of course, there are many more modes than the few I listed, but these are some of the best and most creative designs thus far.