Sabertron will be available for the rest of the day.

Yet another pet to wet the whistle of us engineering enthusiasts, the mechanical Sabertron is BfA’s newest addition to the family. Although ordinary in skills to all regular pets, the mechanical pets will not get the plague. Moreover, they can store and open your Facebook whenever you need it. It does not have Twitter functionality.

How to Tame

In order to tame these beasts, you can receive instant gratification and tame the red version. The red will always be available. However, if you wish to match your pet to your transmog, you will need to act fast. Indeed, by the time this article has been posted–you will have precious hours to spare.

REMEMBER: Only goblins and gnomes have the technological capacities to innately know how to tame mechanical pets. Other races must use a Mecha-Bond Imprint Matrix. These can be crafted with Engineering and bought by other players.

  • Sabertron is located inside a cave on the largest coastal island off of Stormsong Valley.
  • Our prize dwells within. There will be many Sabertrons, all of various colors and all inactive. To make it tameable, you must kill the Sabertron Technician. Sabertron activates upon the Technician’s death. By default, the red Sabertron will be activated when there is no World Quest.

There is no special taming tricks needed. This is a welcome change, as many players will be trying to kill you or your friend during your bonding ritual. Some mechanical pets require immense stealth, Wowpedia navigational skills, and timing. Luckily, Sabertron requires only time. Unfortunately, that time is fleeting.

If you, like myself, are a hunter who would never think of hunting without a bomb, tinkered belt, parachute, submersible, and a helicopter, you may wish to have a pet equally as tinkered. If mechanical tigers are not your cup of tea, or if you are allergic to cats, check out this Mechanical Hunter Pet Guide.