Baptiste on PTR

Yesterday, Blizzard dropped the newest Overwatch character. Baptiste, a Talon operative turned rogue, is a combat medic originating from Haiti. Today, you can try out Baptiste on the PTR, along with thousands of other players wanting to get their hands on the new combat medic. His release means we’re finally able to take a look at Baptiste’s abilities.

Primary Fire

Baptiste’s primary fire, the Biotic Launcher, is a three-round burst SMG that deals 25 damage per shot. Players will have to be aware of recoil and damage drop while playing this character. If you have an accurate aim, he has the potential to be devastating, especially as a support character.

Secondary Fire

The Biotic Launcher’s secondary fire shoots a projectile that heals allies nearby. The projectile heals about 65 health per shot with ten shots in the magazine. As a bonus, a single reload animation will refill both primary and secondary ammo.


Baptiste’s passive allows him to crouch and launch himself into a high jump. The crouch charges a meter that dictates how high he can jump. If he lets the meter stay charged for approximately two seconds after it’s full, it will expire. This ability has no cooldown.

Ability 1

Baptiste activates a burst that heals 150 damage to himself and allies nearby over six seconds. This ability is not an AOE affect like Lucio’s healing because even if Baptiste moves away from his allies, the healing will continue for the full six seconds.  The burst is not applied to other allies when he moves closer to them. The cooldown for this ability is 15 seconds.

Baptiste’s Burst Heal Courtesy of Hotspawn

Ability 2

Baptiste launces an AOE field that prevents allies from dying. The radius of this field is around eight meters and keeps allies from dropping below 40 health. If a character enters the area with less than 40 health, it will bring them up to that amount. The device lasts for eight seconds, unless the enemy team destroys it, and has a cooldown of 20 seconds.


Baptiste’s ultimate, the Amplification Matrix, doubles damage and healing of projectiles that pass through it. It’s about the size of Mei’s wall and lasts for around eight seconds.

Baptiste is live on PTR, with some pretty cool abilities to boot. Are you excited for this new support character? Let us know in the comments!