league of legends new champion

 New Champion Teased

Tweets on various League social media accounts shared a video. The video shows three different champions, each with more color than usual added to their caricatures. The new champion did not appear outright; however, the different colorations have lead the community to speculate what the champion’s kit will have.

The Brazilian League twitter account captioned the video, “Curious scenes were seen in Summoner’s Rift.”

The Speculation

There are a few possibilities for the champion, based on the video. Though one seems more likely. There is a chance it will be able to take the forms of other champions. Darius, Ahri, and Nunu all made an appearance, though the colorful additions may indicate they are not the true champions. Furthermore, Darius has a flower behind his ear, Nunu comes with a colorful twin, and Ahri has a vibrant flare of a tail.

Riot Games may have designed a shape-shifting champion, allowing the player to take other forms throughout the match. The different colors seem to be the indicator to tell real from clone. Riot’s tweets also feature flowers or plant emojis alongside messages. The champion may be rooted in nature. league of legends new champion

Of course, the actual power of the champion is open for even more speculation. The ability to take another player’s form is sure to lead to a lot of interesting gameplay. Assuming the distinction is only a slight one, the first week will be a confusing one with clones running around.

Whatever the case, Riot will be announcing the champion later today. Additionally, an earlier announcement revealed it would be a mage. Players will not have to wait long to play the new mage. A release is scheduled before the All Stars 2018 event.