A New Esports League

Last month fans of PUBG received some very welcome news. A North American esports league for the fabled shooter was officially established. Called the National PUBG League, or NPL, the league commission soon set out to organize events. Recently PUBG released information concerning the future of the league and what competitors are to expect down the road.

A Three-Phase Process

The league commission has broken down each individual season into three phases. The first phase, which will happen between January and March, will be the pre-season qualifying rounds and will determine which teams will go on to the main competition. Those who wish to compete in the preseason qualifying rounds will need to register online soon in order to play. They must also be 18 years of age by February 18th in order to compete.

This shows a snapshot of the schedule for the NPL. Courtesy of PUBG

Once the preseason qualifying rounds are complete, the second phase of the competition will take place. This phase can be considered the regular season of competition. The third phase will be the “post-season” period and will lead up to the PUBG Championship in November 2019. This is what is described on the PUBG page concerning the regular season:

“NPL matches will take place over the course of 5 weeks of each phase, with matches broadcast twice a week from OGN studios for a per-phase prize pool of $200,000. NPLC matches happen online once per week during 4 weeks of each phase, with the top teams able to fight for promotion into the NPL.”


The league is divided up into two main tiers. First, there is the NPL, which is comprised of the top 16 teams in the league itself. There is also the NPL Contenders tier, which houses 16 teams that are competing to get into the league. Throughout the preseason, the NPL Contenders will have a chance to move into the NPL by beating out teams that are already in those seats. This creates plenty of opportunities for teams to move up in standing.

The PUBG page highlights the promotion and realignment process:

“At the end of each phase, the bottom 6 teams will have to fight for survival against the top 10 teams in the Contenders league to hold onto their spot in the NPL. Once the dust settles, the surviving 6 teams move into the NPL and the next phase of the season begins. This constant check and balance ensure that the best of the best are always representing the NPL and that teams who train hard won’t have to wait until a completely new season to show they can play with the big dogs.”

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This may become a very common sight down the road. Courtesy of Player Fox

You Could be a Champion

Perhaps you are a competitive player of PUBG who thinks that you can keep up with the big dogs. If you think that you have what it takes, you can learn more about the league by clicking on this link.

Esports is quickly becoming a popular alternative to mainstream sporting activities. PUBG is the perfect platform for some great esports competition. Are you excited to see what happens in 2019 with the NPL? Let us know in the comments below.