NA LCS Summer Split 2018

The NA LCS Summer Split for 2018 is in full swing. Many surprising occurrences have happened this split. Coming to the end of the split soon, many exciting developments are happening!

Catching Up From Week 7:

To bring you into the current conversation, week 7 offered some interesting progress for many teams. Here’s a quick recap:

Cloud 9.
  • Cloud 9 Securing a Spot in the Playoffs: 
    • Cloud9’s year has been slightly tumultuous. If you’re unaware, the team this year experienced a roster shift, replacing a few of it’s prominent starters, and moving them to the C9 academy team. These three headliners -Sneaky, Jensen, and Smoothie- were replaced by goldenglue, Keith, and Zeyzal. The cohesion and decision making of the team is questioned by many C9 fans and supporters. I, myself, claim allegiance to the C9 brand since 2014. So, many fans – including myself – were a bit leery about the Summer Split.
    • However, C9’s performance is improving, and the group dynamic is beginning to solidify. We saw Licorice comfortably controlling on Dr. Mundo all of NA LCS week 7. It provides a clear message to the rest of the contenders: He can carry and tank effectively.
    • C9 relied on some hard to execute comps, which include the picking of Noctune, Zilean, and Tahm Kench. The meta for League of Legend is seeing some dramatic shifts in the last few patches. The entire composition for many of C9’s picks revolve around the use of the Noctune ultimate. Noctune targets a champion, flies in, and exhorts a load of damage to his impacted target. Having Zilean ult and Tahm’s Devour to get Noctune out of clutch situations provied effective. This team comp relies heavily on well timed, layered spells in team fights.
    • Keeping flow with the Zilean component, the second day saw a similar performance, helping to secure a solid game for C9. After an amazing performance during week 7, Cloud9 is in a good place, and is a solid contender for playoffs.

Further Highlights from Week 7:

The Golden Guardians.
  • Team Liquid Takes First Place:
    • The journey for Team Liquid this split has be arduous. After week 7, Team Liquid finds themselves on top of the NA LCS.
    • The first day, they took victory over 100 Thieves, their rivals and contenders for first place. Their game against FlyQuest began poorly, but Team Liquid played a safe game until they were able to fight as a team in mid game, helping secure victory. Team Liquid’s early game struggles at times. It’ll be interesting to see if they can keep winning going into week 8.
  • Golden Guardians Are at the Bottom starting Week 8:
    • Man voices in the League Community attribute this losing streak to the changing 8.13/8.14 meta changes. The developers are trying to stabilize the meta. So, teams are getting a better understanding of who – and how – to play. The Golden Guardians relied heavily on a Heimerdinger-Fiddlesticks bottom lane comp. Many teams are either flat out banning one – or both – of these champions. They’re also learning to play around this comp, and developing strategies to counter this effective duo. The Golden Guardians seemingly have no more strategies to fall back on in light of the adaptations.
  • TSM Struggles in This Split:
    • Many are contemplating TSM will lose playoffs for the first time since the organizations inception. Their draft choices are questionable, and their overall map awareness/play has been poor. The team is also losing wave management. TSM hangs on the brink of playoff extinction.
  • CLG Patchwork Gameplay:
    • Counter Logic Gaming recently parted ways with Head Coach David Lim last week. They’ve also seen a panoply of new influences in their planning roster. As an HoTS Esports player, I can vouch that many of the coaching decisions occur during scrims days and practices. It’s unorthodox to see these happening during a crucial moment of any split. CLG is inheriting immense leads in the early part of the game, but things seemingly fall apart around Baron spawn time. CLG could potentially comeback and make it in the playoffs. However, they’ll need to improve in weak areas to be an effective contender again.

Going Into Week 8:

This next week will be crucial for every team. No team is so far ahead they’re secure in the race for playoffs. And, no team is so far behind that a chance for a redemptive comeback couldn’t occur. It’s an exciting time to watch the NA LCS Summer Split if you haven’t, and cheer for your favourite team. This Cloud9 fan will continue to watch as the Summer Split Second Round Robin draws to an eventual conclusion.

Final Thoughts:

Like any sports team, there is obvious talent on every team. It can be daunting to keep up with the ever changing dynamics and change in meta. However, the NA LCS Spring Split for 2018 is proving exciting! What are your predictions going into week 8? Do you think Team Liquid will hang onto first place? Will Golden Guardians or CLG not see playoffs? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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