Mythic Argus

Mythic Argus was considered the current pinnacle of raiding.

Players have been taking advantage of their artifact weapons’ power overload. Many guilds have now killed Mythic Argus. Some players have brought way below the absolute minimum, such as five players for Heroic Argus and three for Normal Argus. However, this achievement might top them all: solo healing Mythic Argus.

Shampy of <Intern Made This Boss> was the lone healer in this Mythic Argus kill. The 975 ilevel discipline priest utilized Prydaz, Xavaric’s Magnum Opus, and Velen’s Future Sight as his legendaries, along with a 999 ilevel artifact weapon. <Intern Made This Boss> is ranked 706th in the world.

Shampy had the assistance of three DPS topping 1 billion total damage according to WarcraftLogs. Another eight DPS had broken the 900 million mark. The kill also had three tanks: a Blood Death Knight, a Vengeance Demon Hunter, and a Guardian Druid. Shampy’s own healing topped two million healing per second (HPS), while the Blood Death Knight had done over 1.1 million HPS.

Does this mean that the Antorus encounters are woefully undertuned, or that overloaded artifact weapons are the reason behind these amazing feats? The answer is unclear, but it may be a combination of the two. Mythic raiders on subreddit r/CompetitiveWoW have put in their two cents.

“After watching the top speed kill on M Argus, I think every healer class could solo heal if you have really high group DPS and a blood DK. The key is killing the boss around the 3rd set of chains and having the CDs for the first 2 sets of chains. I feel I could do it on my shaman at least,” said Redditor Omegix.

What are your thoughts on these unofficial feats of strength in the current World of Warcraft expansion? Do you plan on doing something similar yourself? Let us know in the comments!