Even More Planeswalkers

Check out part one of the PAX East 2019 War of the Spark card spoilers here.

Finally, the card that I have been dying to see the most, Tibalt, has been revealed for War of the Spark. A once made fun of planeswalker due to his lackluster only printing, Tibalt now has a new, shiny, and pretty darn okay card. With him, he has a minion that has also been spoiled.

Alongside Tibalt, we have another fan-favorite, Jace getting a new and awesome card. With three blue mana he’d be hard to play outside of mono-blue, but alternative win conditions for the win.

The demon planeswalker has his spark back, bringing him back to a new planeswalker card. He’s mad if you can’t tell from his subtitle and his companion card.

Do you remember the werewolf planeswalker Arlinn from Innistrad? She’s back with her band of wolves, along with her favorite companion.

Beautiful Designs and Art

We have an alternative to Llaowar Elves in this new card with beautiful art.

In addition, there’s some a new amass card reveal and a massive board wipe that will help you save one of your creatures. I honestly don’t know if I’d run Time Wipe myself due to the expensive mana dump, but it’s an interesting card nonetheless. Bolas’s Citadel, on the other hand, is extremely flavorful and chaotic and I’d love to try and find a way to make it work.

War of the Spark is proving to live up to its name. These cards really do feel like multiple magically factions are going head to head in a battle to the death. And dare I say, old Nicol Bolas might just have to watch out.

All images courtesy of Wizards of the Coast.