Image courtesy of Microsoft.

Snapshot 19W07A: Foxes

Another cute thing without much of a purpose has been added to Minecraft. Earlier in Village and Pillage, we saw pandas, now we have foxes.

These adorable creatures are quick and nimble, and therefore hard to catch. However, if you’re lucky enough to breed them with berries, the kits will trust you forever. Sometimes you will catch these mischievous nocturnal critters sneaking into villages at night.

Aww, he’s so sleepy. Image courtesy of Microsoft.

The point of foxes at the moment is unclear, except to have more pets around. Is Minecraft becoming Pokemon and wanting us to catch them all? I hope that foxes will prove to have a purpose in the game other than cuteness, like the way cats ward off creepers. Or perhaps they could drop pelts (leather) and at least contribute to resource gathering. We can hope.

But, if this is just turning into Pokemon, I hope that they will add a rare white fox to collect as well. Perhaps they’d only spawn in snowy biomes.

Snapshot 19W05A: Wandering Trader

Something I can actually get behind is the addition of the wandering trader. Their location is random. These wandering traders are accompanied by colorfully decorated llamas with temperamental attitudes. The traders themselves will offer a variety of goods from multiple biomes.

A wandering trader and his llama. They have matching outfits! Image courtesy of Microsoft.

Other minor fixes and updates are included in snapshot 19W05A. The layering of compost has changed.  It looks like they changed the chances of items adding more layers. The lowest chance is now 30% instead of 10% for common/small items such as beetroot seeds.  You can check out the changes on the wiki page.

The illager beast has been renamed to ravager.  Short, simple, to the point. I like it. But I also thought calling it a beast was awesome too.

Read more about the bug fixes and command changes in snapshot 19W05A and 19W07A on