Compost blocks inside of a crop field. Image courtesy of Microsoft.

Double the Snapshots

Last weeks snapshot of Minecraft, 19W03C, was a little small, only adding the compost block, fixing a few bugs, and adding some new sounds. This week’s, 19W04B, is also what I’d call small, adding functionality to the stonecutter block. Small or not, these updates add a lot to the quality of life in Minecraft.

19W03C: Fertilize Your Plants

The compost block is used to create bone meal from organic matter you have lying around. Anything from vines to seeds to fruit to pies can be used to generate compost. However, they each have a certain percentage chance to add another layer to the compost. Compost requires 7 layers before it will generate bone meal.

The compost block. Image courtesy of Gamepedia.

I personally hope to see some kind of fertilization block in the near future to make good use of this. It’s not near as fun to manually collect bone meal and apply it to your plants. Automating this would be ideal.

You can use hoppers below and above the compost block to store bone meal and add matter to the block, respectfully.  In addition, a compost block will put out a comparator signal up to 8 blocks away, depending on how full it is.

The percentage chance that an item might add another layer to a compost block. Image courtesy of Gamepedia.

Also in 19W03C, several sounds were added to the game. The new barrel, grindstone, blast furnace, and smoker now make noise when used. The Sweet Berry Bush makes a sound. There’s new crop placement and pick up sounds. And lastly, the campfire model was tweaked a bit.

The old (left) and new (right) campfire textures. Images courtesy of Gampedia.

Snapshot 19W04B: Introducing the Stonecutter

The stonecutter. Image courtesy of Gamepedia.

The purpose of the stonecutter block is to make it easier to craft certain stone-y blocks. With this block, you can creature stairs, slabs, and bricks with ease. They can generate naturally in mason houses.

I can appreciate how Microsoft is specializing a lot of crafting. But if a regular crafting table is still going to be able to do all the things all these special blocks are for, these new blocks are only here to look nice.

If we’re going for aesthetics, I’d rather be seeing things like tables and chairs. Banners that can be placed on the ground like rugs. An extra large upright chest that kinda looks like a fridge. A water faucet or hydrant or tub. Things that can make a Minecrafter’s house look homey.

For the “Village and Pillage” update, I hope we start seeing items like that for the “village” bit.

Funny Bug Fixes

Campfires would do damage even when not touching the block. Evil psychic fire? Yikes. Invisibility also didn’t affect the clothes of villagers. Maybe they should have tried wearing camo?

For more bug fixes, read the 19W03C and 19W04B official announcements.

What do you think of all these new added blocks? Let us know in the comments down below.