An updated layout and design of a plains village. Image courtesy of Microsoft.

Double the Snapshots

Last week’s snapshot was a little small so we’re going to include it in this week’s snapshot announcement. Also, find out who won the Twitter “Your Cat Could Be in Minecraft” contest (spoiler, it wasn’t my baby, Nimble).

18W47B, Raids and Outposts

Last week the major part of the snapshot was the introduction of Pillager Outposts. They’re basically the equivalent of finding a castle lookout in the middle of Skyrim full of bandits and nasties. They spawn in any biome a village can. The new jigsaw block is used to spawn them.

A new Pillager Outpost generated in a desert. Image courtesy of Microsoft.

This snapshot also saw the addition of raids. But it’s very mysterious and unclear what that really means.  According to the official announcement, if you kill a pillager with a banner on it’s head you may receive a “Bad Omen.” Apparently walking into a village while cursed with a bad omen will not be pretty. “Good luck,” Microsoft advises.

18W48A, Updating Villages

The first chuck of the “Village and Pillage” updates have focused heavy on the “pillage” part. Now we are seeing some tweaks to villages.

Plains villages got an update to make them more adapted to the biome, similar to how desert villages comprise of sandstone. It looks like they are just a little redesigned, with more use of cobblestone. They also spawn with the jigsaw block.

A grindstone block. Image courtesy of Gamepedia.

Included with this snapshot is that grindstones are now functional. It moves inventory/crafting table repairing to the grindstone. The cool bit is how it works with enchantments. The grindstone can remove all non-curse enchantments from an item. In addition, for each enchantment removed from an item experience gets returned to you.

The New Cat Added to Minecraft

Many, many beautiful cats were in the running to be the last cat added to Minecraft. Of all the cat’s submitted to the contest, these three were selected for the final round of voting:

Image courtesy of Twitter.

And, drumroll, Jellie recieved almost half of the votes all on her own and won the contest. Check out the new skin based on Jellie.

I promise I’m not being butthurt that my cat didn’t win (after all he is the cutest little stinker that ever was), but I’m a little disappointed in the final three. I saw multiple cats born with adorable natural mustaches and other cuties that I thought for sure would be in the final runnings.

But maybe it’s not just how adorable they are. According to Jellie’s owner, GTWScar on Twitter, Jellie is one great cat.

“Thank you for supporting Jellie as the 9th cat added to Minecraft. She has helped me through the hardest and darkest times of my life and played Minecraft with me from alpha to today. My hope is that she gives the Minecraft community what she has given me, friendship and love.”