minecraft java snapshot 1.14 village and pillage

The First Snapshot for Java 1.14

The first “Village & Pillage” update to Java Minecraft has been released. It has a bunch of little updates – new decorative blocks, new enchantments, new commands, and new items. But it also has new mobs and a new sub-biome. Let’s break it down.

New Biome and New Mobs

The new biome is a bamboo jungle, which also comes in bamboo jungle hills. Bamboo will be able to be used as fuel and crafted into sticks. You can find bamboo in chests inside of shipwrecks and jungle temples. The max height of bamboo will be between 12 and 16 blocks. And of course, what bamboo jungle would be complete without pandas? That’s right, pandas have been added to Minecraft! They love bamboo, are silly, and can be bred. There is even a rumor about a brown panda…

In addition to pandas, new mobs include something called an Illager Beast that looks like a cross between an Aztec rhino and a villager. It’s a little unsettling but also awesome. Supposedly it will be able to knock you around and “packs quite a wallop.” In the official snapshot announcement on the Minecraft website, they asked players if they have a better name for the beast, so if you have an idea let them know!

An illager beast. Screenshot from the game.

A new type of illager has been added to the game, the fourth after the vindicator, evoker, and illusioner. This new illager is called a pillager, and will wield a new weapon:  a crossbow. At the time of this snapshot, the pillager does not spawn naturally and can only be summoned with a spawn egg or command. They will be updated in a later snapshot.

New Items to Tickle Your Fancy

Crossbows will have a higher base power than a bow, but less durability. They can have the following trio of unique enchantments.

  • Multishot I – your arrow gets split into three, one straight ahead and the other two off to the sides. This ability can’t be combined with piercing.
  • Piercing I, II, III, IV – arrows can travel through mobs, thereby hitting more than one per shot. The number of mobs it can hit will be equal to the level of enchantment +1
  • Quick Charge I, II, III – decrease the amount of time it takes to charge your crossbow by .25 seconds per level of enchantment
A pillager wielding a crossbow. Screenshot from the game.

Suspicious Stew has been added to the game and can be crafted or found in shipwreck treasure chests. Upon eating it, the consumer will be imbued with an unknown effect for several seconds. If you craft the stew, you will know what the effect is, but if you give it to a friend…they will have no clue.

New Blocks to Build the Perfect Base

Lots of new blocks have been added, including stair, slab, and wall variants of multiple types of rock, including stone, andesite, diorite, granite, quartz, mossy cobblestone, all the types of sandstone, and more. Hallelujah!  So many ways to make beautiful things now.

And to make things even more aesthetic, they did the fence treatment to signs, and now you can make different colors of signs depending on the wood you use.  You do, however, have to use all the same kind of wood to make a sign now, like fence and boats.  Now they just need to make colored chests and everything will be beautiful.

New stairs and fences. Screenshot from the game.

Dyes got a revamp, unifying their names as well as adding new recipes to make stained glass and carpet. With that, banners have also gotten an overhaul, now using looms to make them  Banner crafting table recipes have been removed and you now only need one dye per pattern. Special banner patterns, such as the oxeye daisy and creeper skull, can now be crafted and don’t consume the pattern on use. There are also new flowers, including the suspicious “wither rose.”  “Don’t let it’s subdued beauty lull you into a false sense of security.” says the Minecraft website.

Wither roses. Screenshot from the game.

The Minecraft Texture Update that was available on is now available by default in the game. They’re still in the process of renovating textures and are interested in feedback.

But Wait, There’s More

Per community suggestions, Minecraft has been updated in this snapshot with ideas from you! Leaves have a small chance to drop sticks (right?!). Dispensers will sheer sheep in front of them when they are loaded with shears. Rabbit stew and beetroot soup now have a shapeless recipe. And there’s more. Keep making suggestions to Microsoft and see if you can’t make a change to the game with your idea.

For technical updates to commands and mechanics, read the official snapshot announcement.

This is wrapping up to be a good update to the game. Let’s wait and see what else they have in store.