Taking a Look at Chris Metzen’s Question

During the World of Warcraft Q&A, Chris Metzen took to the floor with a simple question: “When is the Horde getting its true Warchief back?”

For those who are unaware, Metzen has been a leading figure on the WoW team since the early days of the game. He has contributed voice acting to numerous characters, notably Thrall. However, he retired from Blizzard in 2016. Therefore, both his appearance at the Q&A and his question leave a lot to the imagination. In traditional Blizzard fashion, they answered Metzen’s question with a non-answer.

The Tinfoil Hats

Put them on folks, we are going deep with this one. Because while Metzen’s question may only have been banter, it could be foreshadowing. Firstly, Metzen still voices characters in World of Warcraft. His last credits were during Legion, where he voiced king Varian Wrynn, Thrall, and Duke Hydraxis. We may be seeing (or hearing) more of Metzen in the future.

Moreover, Chris Metzen may be the single most important mind behind WoW lore. The man practically wrote Warcraft 3, the title which birthed the MMO’s story. From Warcraft 3 on, Metzen held the title of lead Creative Director and would contribute story scripts for new Azerothian lore.

It should be stated that Chris Metzen’s return to the company is not assured. Rather, his comments on the return of a true Warchief leave a lot to wonder about.

Saurfang, Thrall, and the Old Horde

For instance, how would Thrall come back to the Horde? As of 8.1, he has played no role in the faction conflict. Of course, the orc shaman is raising a family; but how might Thrall react to a faction conflict which has spat on all he has worked on? Between Saurfang, Thrall, Baine, and the spirit of Vol’jin, there are serious signs that point to a return to the old ways.

Furthermore, Thrall not playing a role in the faction conflict would be a missed opportunity to develop his character. In Cataclysm, Thrall became a messiah like character that few original fans found compelling. In BFA, the goal is a return to WoW’s roots. Thrall exploring the depraved state of his Horde, the betrayal of his ideals by Sylvanas, an old ally… These internal struggles could make Thrall a very interesting character.

That stated, Saurfang would make for a better warchief as of now. Thrall has contributed little to the narrative, while the high overlord has been pivotal in telling BFA’s story. If I were writing the story, I would not be forsaking Saurfang’s potential for reintroducing a fan favorite.

What are your thoughts? Would you prefer Saurfang to Thrall as warchief of the Horde? Let us know in the comments.