Method kills Mythic G'huun

Method is at the summit of the current raid tier.

Method has taken down Mythic G’huun, which puts them at the top of the current raid tier. This is also the first raid tier that Method has been live streaming their progression. Below is a screenshot of the actual kill. The EU guild had come close twice before their kill, with a 3.3% wipe and a 1.8% wipe.

Method Mythic G'huun Kill

Below is the raid composition that was responsible for downing Mythic G’huun. Some observers will see that Method’s composition is ranged-heavy, with a particular focus on Affliction warlocks and hunters. In addition, monks are heavily favored in their setup. They are using two Brewmaster monks and two Mistweaver monks. There are two Holy paladins as well in their composition.

Method Raid Composition

Method’s race to world first Mythic G’huun got so heated that it surpassed popular games Fortnite and League of Legends.

Method vs. Fortnite and League of Legends

What is important to note here is that EU servers (Method is an EU guild) and NA servers started at different times. They received boss hotfixes at the same time. In fact, Limit extended their lockout in hopes of overtaking their rivals. However, this was not enough to push them past Method. Game director Ian “Watcher” Hazzikostas personally congratulated Method on their achievement as well.

As seen in the link provided, Alliance world first is still up for grabs. Cross-realm Mythic raiding will then commence when 100 guilds on each faction have killed Mythic G’huun.

What do you think about Method being the world first to kill Mythic G’huun? Do you plan on Mythic raiding in this tier? Let us know in the comments below!