MeatPossible Chapter 1.5

Developer: Common Visual Entertainment

Release Date: September 19, 2018

Platforms: Steam (PC/MAC), Apple App Store and Google Play Store

What is MeatPossible?!

MeatPossible is a fast paced, intense, endless side-scrolling flyer action arcade game that will not disappoint! If you are anything like me, you will lose hours working your way through the levels. There are various mini games inside each level to add to the enjoyment this unique game will bring you. I decided to download my copy of MeatPossible via Steam as I am an avid PC player. MeatPossible can also be downloaded onto your mobile device via Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

First Impression?

When you enter the world of MeatPossible, you are greeted with adventurous and nostalgic music. It will remind you of Pokémon Red and Blue. Or, early installations of Final Fantasy and Zelda. No doubt the music will prepare you for the adventure that lies ahead! The home screen has a very retro feel with the use of old school pixel art. The pixel artist did a fantastic job in my opinion. It really brought home the setting and tone of the game. Once you start the gameplay, you are met with many highlights that enhance your experience. You will encounter side missions, mini games, devastating combos and even elite boss fights.

What can I expect of the Gameplay?!

You will need to constantly work on collecting blue or reddish/orange chest. The blue chest will give you an extra life when you collect 3 consecutively. When you collect blue and orange chest together, you power up! When your character powers up, it changes color to signify the ability. I found that collecting chest is one of the top priorities here and there is no limit on how many extra lives you can gain right now. You also have opportunities to spawn battle mages who will clear your path for you killing everything. The princess is your shield. She is the one who will protect you from flying pigs and rocks. Therefore, you will always want to summon your princess at just the right moment. I have not yet been able to summon the princesses companion, but I am looking forward to the epic moment when I do!

In each game the Grand Inquisitor will have 3 tiers that will need to be accomplished to pass the level. I have failed miserably each time. When you re-start your game, the Inquisitor will give you a different set of tiers to accomplish. Since the goals are always different, it helps keep the game challenging and interesting. When you reach the boss fight(s), this is where crap gets real. I personally have found it difficult to continue to control my flying character and summon my princess at the same time. All this, while trying to tap on the mini boss when prompted to defeat it. I won’t lie, I have yet to defeat any boss fight. When the screen becomes overrun with flying pigs, rocks hurtling at you and flies, I am only focused on staying alive!

Overall Thoughts?

Overall, I must give MeatPossible an excellent review. I play this game at night before I fall asleep. On the train or bus ride into work each morning and every afternoon on the way home. On my lunch breaks, standing in line, taking a shower…well. You get the point. I loved the game so much that I decided to download it to my iPhone. I enjoy being able to whip it out and play it anytime! If you are up for spending $2.00 on mobile or $5.00 on Steam, go for it! If you enjoy classic pixel arcade games, a bit of side action and a dash of flying pigs, then you are sure to enjoy MeatPossible!