The card art for Bedevil, a Ravnica Allegiance card. Image courtesy of Wizards of the Coast.

Needless to Say: Spoilers Ahead

Many cards for Ravnica Allegiance have been revealed, so let’s break down the best of the best. For a refresher on the Ravnica Allegiance guild mechanics, peruse our previous article.

As the Rakdos would say, on with the show!

Introducing: the Planeswalkers

I am very excited that my chosen guild for Ravnica Allegiance Prerelease has a planeswalker. Orzhov’s planeswalker, Kaya the Ghosthunter, is heavy on the exiling and life gain.

I’m a bit disappointed in the -1 ability since one-or-less cost items aren’t very threatening, however, it is only a -1. Still, I would have liked to see more like a -3 and exile target nonland permanent with converted mana cost 3 or less. Then again, it’d be a lot harder to pop her ultimate that way.

Next up we have Dovin Baan, the vedalken planeswalker from Kaladesh. Ravnica Allegiance features two versions: one exclusive to booster packs (Grand Arbiter), and one exclusive to the pre-constructed planeswalker deck (Architect of the Law).

Grand Arbiter features a neat alternative loyalty booster (I’m a fan) and a reasonable -1. However, the ultimate is a little lackluster. As for Architect of the Law… its abilities are resourceful. There is not much else to say about it. It does, in fact, do a lot of little tricks, but nothing that makes me say “Whoa, that’s awesome.”

Last but not least, say hello to Domri Rade. He’s a native to Ravnica and a member of the Gruul clan. Like Dovin, he also has two cards for this set. Chaos Bringer is in boosters and City Destroyer is in the planeswalker deck.

As far as playability, Choas Bringer seems almost too good. Mana ramp, card draw, and reliable creature generation? Damn. City Destroyer, on the other hand, also is just plain resourceful. Seems to be a planeswalker deck theme.

The Best Creatures of Ravnica

We see some pretty interesting creatures in this round of Ravnica, particularly of the Simic variety. Something I’d really like to build a deck around is Mesmerizing Benthid. Some illusions and neat sea creatures; it’s gonna be epic.

But as far as things I can’t get enough of, that is going to be Pestilent Spirit. I envision some sort of Rakdos deck filled with little multi-target “deal one damage” instants and sorceries to really make my opponent sad. Pestilent Spirit is super mean and I love it.

Amphlifire is neat, and I don’t know if I’d actually use it, but hey, it’s pretty awesome anyway. I’d probably put it in a Gruul deck full of giant creatures if I did use it, though.

If you’re looking for just a plain ol’ mean green card, End-Raze Forerunners would be that card. Not only does it have the triple threat of arguably some of the best keywords in the game, but it also blesses the rest of your creatures with a lesser version of it. That is gonna hurt.

And finally, to just showcase how awesome Simic is, just look at these abominations. In the reveal of the Simic mechanic, we discussed how the Simic Combine is all about perfecting nature by creating mutants. Well, here are those glorious beasts. They’re beautiful. Their abilities aren’t that bad, either.

The Best Instants, Sorceries, and Enchants

I have an awesome 5-color pirate deck thanks to the treasure tokens from Ixalan. Treasure is not exclusive to Ixalan anymore! It can be generated in Ravnica with the enchantment Smother Tithe.

In addition, I have praises for Verity Circle, another new enchantment. I hate paying mana for card draw, so this is a nice workaround.

When it comes to “treason” spells, we get a new blue card, Mass Manipulation, that would make me feel like a terrible person for using it.

Electrodomiance has an awesome Kaladesh block feel to it. When it comes to X cost removal spells, this would be one that I would enjoy.

Wilderness Reclamation is broken. I hate it. But I also love it. How is this just uncommon? Use it against me and we won’t be friends anymore.

When it comes to resetting the game, this might be one of my favorite ways to do it now. Emergency Powers not only lets you restart the game but also start out ahead with a powerful spell for free.

And the Award Goes To…

I can’t make a list of “the best” cards without also accrediting the best flavor text. It was a tough decision. Because Cry for Carnarium was pretty flavorful. But ultimately, the win goes to Humongulus.

It is a reference to another card from a previous Ravnica set (Gatecrash, 2013), Totally Lost, which features a weird little creature that really hates crowds. It’s nice to know that maybe after all this time Fblthp will be found by his big bro here.

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Ravnica Allegiance Pre-Release is set for January 19 & 20th and the set officially releases on January 25th.

[All images courtesy of Wizards of the Coast]