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A Walk Through of Long Beach Comic-Con at the Long Beach Convention Center!

The Long Beach Comic-Con is a smaller size convention, but it does have a few things going for it that you can’t get at other conventions.


There is a bevy of creators for you to meet.  There is usually a number of people who have worked for “the big two” on the floor.  However, there is a number of independent and small press creators to get to know.  I spent a little while with Frederick Packard at Charon Comics’ booth going over his latest series, Sol Survivor.  There was even a long conversation on a number of subjects with artist Drew Johnson and a passing-by professional.

Artist’s Alley

After going to a few larger conventions, it’s terrific to spend time just chatting with creators and getting insight on their views of comics and other aspects of the world.  Not many organizations give you that opportunity these days.


When it comes to the Dealer’s Hall, the entire middle of the room is creators, artists, and small press tables.  It breaks up the usual columns of dealer’s hall floors.  There’s only two colums of dealers on three sides, with the fourth column reserved for cosplayers and fan organizations.  There is even a section for science booths and a mini laser tag area to entertain kids and families.  There is indeed a little bit of everything for people to see on the floor.


LBCC does its best to balance fan and industry interests in its convention.  It has the usual panels about cosplay, although those are between panels hosted by industry heavyweights like Marv Wolfman and Christopher Priest.  In fact, DC Comics publisher Dan Didio hosted a panel including Priest and Bryan Edward Hill to discuss the future of DC story lines.

A vendor busy on the floor of LBCC 2018

Other panels included how-to’s on how to create your own comic, a panel for the Twin Peaks fandom, and some science-based topics.


There is a good amount of fan cosplay, although it doesn’t appear to be a serious feature inside.  The convention is not too crowded.  The vendors have some great gems if your budget is prepared.

If there is any problem I could point out, it would be that the convention can be well-covered in the course of one day.  That is a lone nitpick in an very well-rounded convention experience.

The Marvel Cosplay Gathering

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