Just What the Doctor Ordered

Winter is upon us. It’s getting dark at ungodly hours. Are you going to navigate the night blindly, or are you going to pick up a new Minecraft lantern to light your way?

Lanterns have been added to Java Minecraft with the latest snapshot, 18W46A. Boy howdy is that nifty. According to the Minecraft wiki, Notch had originally planned on implementing lanterns way back in 2010 during the Halloween Update. Now, eight years later under Microsoft, we finally have them.

You can set a lantern down on top of a block or hang it from under a block. The lantern has a luminescence rating of 15. To compare, a torch has a rating of 14 and a redstone lamp is also at 15.

The lanterns are also pretty to boot. This opens up new ways to light not only your caves, but your home as well. And do I smell possible new merchandise featuring a lantern, like there is for a torch? I’d buy that in a heartbeat. Get on it, ThinkGeek.

A lantern on a slab, hanging from a fence, and in the hand. Screenshot from in-game.

Changes to Illager Patrols

In the last snapshot, Illager Patrols were introduced. They featured one Illager Beast and four random illagers. However, as of snapshot 18W46A, the patrols do not spawn with beasts in them. From now on (unless Microsoft changes their mind again) they will spawn with five random Illagers people.

They didn’t discuss the reason for the change, but I would think it’s because the patrols were probably hard enough to defeat without a charging rhino-thing added to the mix. They also tweaked how often Illager Patrols spawn due to some thinking “it’s a little too high.”

I mean, look at that, this is pretty darn intimidating. Image courtesy of the Minecraft wiki.

Other Updates and Fixes

Scaffolding has a little tweak. The distance scaffolding can extend before it falls has been increased. They also fixed some bugs with the scaffolding block.

Other various bugs have been corrected when it comes to lighting and dyes. My personal favorite bug fixes include horses turning invisible when equipped with armor and slime causing the game to crash if they ride another mob. Invisible armored horses, priceless.

To read the full snapshot announcement, read it on the Minecraft website.