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Articled edited to reflect delay in launch.

New Sandbox MMORPG

Legends of Aria is coming to Steam on December 4th for Early Access. This sandbox MMORPG is a massive, player-run world. Player choice and freedom have a huge impact on the in-game world. It is a spiritual successor to classic MMORPGs.

“It’s hard to believe it’s been four years since we began this journey,” said Citadel Studios founder, Derek Brinkmann. “So much has changed since then. We’ve gone from making a smaller scale online RPG to making the large-scale full-on sandbox MMORPG we’ve been dying to play since Ultima Online, Dark Age of Camelot, and EverQuest first made us all believers in the genre years ago.”

What Role Will You Play?

Legends of Aria has a true skill-based system in place. You can be a crafter, adventurer, or merchant; to name a few of the 32 different skills.

Craft items, sell or purchase them based on the role you play. Image courtesy of Steam.

The Steam page calls Legends of Aria “a world that does not hold your hand.” A return to a true sandbox, the world is driven by how you and everyone around you shape the community.  You can make friends and enemies. Danger is around every corner. Your actions will become legend.

Unique and Ambitious Features

Legends of Aria is the first MMORPG to completely support player run servers. The game can be heavily modded or played “vanilla”. Edit the gameplay rules, create custom content or create entire unique worlds.

You still have a chance to get extra content by preordering Legends of Aria. Purchase the game before December 4th and you will get a “7-day Head Start” and get all the Founder Pack bonuses. One of these bonuses includes being able to claim your own plot of land to get your home built before everyone else.

In a world driven by the players, the way you play writes your own story into legend. What role will you play?


EDIT 12/4/2018

Delay in Steam Launch

Citadel Studios announced that they will be delaying the Steam launch of the game due to unforeseen difficulties. According to the announcement, the Steam launch will be delayed until after the new year.

“The bad news is that we’ve been dealing with a substantial but manageable problem with our data synchronization. The worse news is that this problem up until now was greatly exacerbated by server shutdowns and has greatly hindered our ability to patch the live server.”

Citadel Studios wants to assure players that they are working diligently to solve the problem.

If you still want to play the game without Steam, it is in Early Access and available from the Legends of Aria website. The Digital Edition is $30.