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K/DA Tops Billboard’s World Music Charts

With over 60 million views, it’s safe to say Riot Games’ marketing tool has more than done its job. The company released the music video to “POP/STARS” a couple weeks ago and features four popular League of Legends characters. As of today, it sits atop the World Digital Song Sales charts.

POP/STARS is performed by K/DA, consisting of virtual characters Ahri, Evelynn, Kai’Sa, and Akali. Their vocals come from U.S. singers Madison Beer and Jaira Burns, as well as from Miyeon and Soyeon from the K-pop group (G)I-DLE.

Billboard reports 9,000 copies sold in the first week. For a band meant to sell in-game cosmetics, those are astounding numbers. However, it was not luck that contributed to the song’s success. It is a genuinely good production. The animations have already inspired fan-art across the internet. For instance, the psychedelic Akali has taken over Tumblr, made by people who do not even play the game. Moreover, as someone who has never once enjoyed K-pop, I must admit to hitting the video’s repeat button more than once.

It is interesting to note that the song’s success on the charts makes (G)I-DLE only the fourth K-pop girl group to hit No. 1. They follow the successes of BLACKPINK, 2NE1, TWICE, and CL. Amateurs take note, success in female k-pop requires a name in all caps.

Finally, all this success has not escaped Riot Games. The game developer previously told Billboard about plans to see their company as a functional music label. With their successes with K/DA, Riot has proven it can make a hit song. ‘Riot Music’ does have a nice ring to it.

The physical pop stars behind the single can be seen live during the League of Legends opening ceremony. The below version has 10 million views and climbing.