Viral K-pop Music Video Ignites League of Legends Interest

It started as a way of building hype; it continues to do so. But the virtual band, K/DA, has become more than Riot Games‘ marketing tool. This week proves that the virtual creation can have a life of its own.

Recently, K/DA ‘released’ the music video for “POP/STARS”. The song and video reimagines four champions from League of Legends as acclaimed artists. The music video surpassed 20 million views within four days, and performed better on the Apple Music pop charts than any other League music video.

Going one step further in creating a band from scratch, Riot brought the virtual band onstage using Augmented Reality (AR). Basically, they used the technology in your Snapchat filters to build up a band. Then, the League characters (in new, purchasable skins) opened the annual world championships.

Beginning as an incentive for players to purchase the band’s in-game League of Legends cosmetics, Ahri, Akali, Evelynn, and Kai’Sa have gone viral. Naturally, Tumblr has gone crazy over the video. K-pop enthusiasts and League fans have built a considerable online portfolio of fanart. Moreover, some people now participate in the fandom only because the video inspired them.

The Massive Appeal of K/DA

There is something special to many about the virtual band. Furthermore, cartoon characters seem to take on lives of their own in this millennium. Perhaps it is the greatly exaggerated proportions that ensnare and entertain us. This might explain the large quantities of fan-made porn, such as in the Overwatch community. However, it cannot be understated that attractive humans (even cartoons) beget attention easier than less attractive humans. It should be no surprise that perfectly proportioned cartoons inspire such devotion.

There is also a novelty to having virtual bands perform. For any looking forward to a sci-fi future, Youtube may have its first inklings. Whatever the case behind K/DA’s popularity, Riot Games certainly has profited from the notoriety.