Nunu League of Legends

Our Frosty Pals are Getting a Rework!

Today our great leaders over at Riot Games graced us with a teaser for Nunu’s rework. No longer is our young Nunu looking like a bundled up Benjamin Button. Finally, the young Yeti Rider looks like a young boy; with accompanying imagination and personality. I, personally, am super excited about this – if only the visual update alone. Currently, Nunu looks like a hairless Yordle atop a vicious snow beast. But, with this update, they create this whimsical dynamic between the two. Now there is this believable childlike friendship between them.

Reworked Abilities


While there was no accompanying reworked skills list we can come to some conclusions from the video. Firstly, we see the new Consume. The most exciting part is that it can be used on champions; though we don’t know if the healing is still intact. It also visually resembles Trundle’s Chomp ability.

Blood Boil.
I am taking some free license here and making a guess this is now a passive. In the video it seemed like Nocturne had a frosty symbol above his head. Once hit Nunu’s attack and movement speed increase, as well as throwing the buff to an additional ally. So possible it’s now a passive cooldown, marking enemy champions with a buff that activates upon getting hit by Nunu. We’ll need to wait and see for sure.
Ice Blast.
No longer a giant hunk of ice being throw but several snowballs. What it appears to be is a small movement slow down with a secondary ability. Now Nunu seems to be able to throw snowballs at multiple targets in short succession. Beyond that there is a secondary effect if the marked targets remain within a certain range of Nunu. Maybe this is timed, or reactivation of the skill once the Ice Blast charges are used up. Either way, those marked by Nunu’s Ice Blasts within close proximity with become rooted and take additional damage.
New Skill!
Snow Boulder? Avalanche? Frosty Chase Down? We don’t know the name yet but it seems like a devastating ganking tool. With this new ability we see Nunu form a large snowball in front of himself and begin to roll it forward; gradually gaining speed and the snowball growing in size. Eventually the snowballs seems to break free and roll quickly in the direction and Enemy champions hit are knocked down for a short moment. This, if used properly, will be like a Sion ult every gank or initiate. Excited to see what might come of this.
Absolute Zero.
Our beloved Yeti Rider’s signature bush surprise. Happily, this seems untouched. Absolute seems to make it through the rework fully intact. Though that’s not to say there won’t be any possible tweaking.


I am crazy excited to see these changes to Nunu arrive on Summoners Rift. From champion visuals to gameplay. It’s all five stars in my book. But what do you think? Are you excited as well? Are you worried these changes might make Nunu become a perma-ban? Let us know how you feel in the comments!