League of Legends News 11/20: New Champion Revealed and Marvel Comics Deal

New Champion: Neeko

The newest champion for League of Legends is a happy, carefree shape-shifter. Check out her debut trailer below. As a chameleon on the battlefield, Neeko’s abilities are built around surprise.

Firstly, Neeko has a passive which allows her to shape-shift into any ally champion. The disguise breaks when taking or dealing damage. Players can use the passive to trick enemies into traps or buy time for teammates.

Despite Neeko’s interesting abilities and concept, more people are talking about the character’s sexuality. Some noticed that her interactions with other female champions were slightly different. This lead to the writer of the character, Matt Dunn, to confirm she is a lesbian.

League of Legends champions have lore alongside them, but if this fact escaped you, its not for lack of playing. The lore often does not make its way into the game. While Neeko’s specific interactions are a nice nuance, Riot is looking at many different ways to tell new stories.

Marvel Teams up With Riot Games

It seems Riot is picking up on fan interest in their character’s stories. If the buzz surrounding Neeko’s sexuality is any indication, players enjoy more than these champion’s builds. The characters in League of Legends capture people’s imaginations. This is evidenced by the extensive fan art and fiction that was created after Riot’s viral League music video.

ashe marvel comicsPlayers want to learn more about their champions. Therefore, it was only a matter of time before some storytelling device was implemented. Small things like Neeko’s special dialog can only do so much.

Now, Marvel Studios hopes to bring the characters to life. The comic book company has made a deal with Riot Games to produce League of Legends comics and graphic novels. The first is an origin story of Ashe, entitled Warmother. Here is the synopsis:

“Raised in the savage wilds of the north, Ashe is an Iceborn, a warrior gifted with a magical connection to her frozen homeland—and burdened by her mother’s fanatical expectations. When they set out on a dangerous quest for the truth behind an ancient myth, bonds are broken, secrets come to light, and Runeterra is forever changed. Will young Ashe become the leader her people need? Or is destiny merely an empty dream?”

With over 100 champions in the game and more coming, there is an entire franchise of stories that are worth exploring. Knowing Marvel’s penchant for producing sprawling universes, Riot may be in for years of a lucrative partnership.