League of Legends

The latest League of Legends cinematic is called Awaken.

A deadly masterpiece unfolds as Riot releases their Awaken cinematic on January 21st, 2019. This piece of art will leave you unexplainably speechless. The way Riot puts together their best champions and sends them into war really blows our mind. Although they did focus on three main champions for the Rift. Jhin was shown playing the piano in the rundown opera theater until Camille decides to rain down on his parade. But as we know nothing gets in Jhins way when Camille’s invasion fails as one of her foot soldiers steps on the Lotus trap; a trap that blooms around the victim’s foot, slows them, and then BOOM.

After all, Draven is also amazing as he sits on his throne spinning a dagger. All of a sudden Riven rises from the arena, slaying gladiators with her powerful hits and cunning skills. The actions of the powerful Riven does not settle well with the Executioner himself. He engages her in anger after throwing a rune blade to her feet and challenges her with his spinning axes with deadly precision. Irelia of Navori is a brave warrior as she runs into battle against the dark forces. She slashes her enemies with her deadly blades and skillful abilities.

Awaken League of Legends

Other heroes make an appearance in the cinematic.

As Irelia fights the dark forces, Sion runs into battle to put a stop on her soon-to-be victory. This does not stop as Karma, Akali and Yasuo run in to aid Irelia in her fight against the dark army. Karma’s shield protecting the warriors, Akali’s fast and deadly perfection of her assassin skills, and Yasuo’s steel tempest rips through the battlefield knocking back the lines of dark forces. Let’s not leave out Kennen and his powerful lightning skills. If you haven’t played the game of cunning summoners and powerful champions this is your chance to unlock the warrior deep inside your soul!