The Last Chance For You To Acquire The PUBG PGI Sporty Skin Will Expire Soon!

For all the PUBG grinders, there are only a few hours left to obtain a free in -game skin. This skin will become unavailable soon since the first major invitational has concluded.

Invitation Only

At the start of the tournament, Developer PUBG Corp. revealed four new sets of skins. The Wasteland Set was only availed to those who chose to attend the tourney in person. But, the Title and Ringside sets were randomly give to players in the form of codes. Thes are distributed on multiple social media platforms, or through top streamer giveaways. And, if you did not receive on through any of these options, one still remains to obtain. The Sporty Set -unlike the other three sets- is gained by logging in to your in game account. Once you log in, you’ll receive this completely free. The skin will only be available until 8am Pacific, 11am Eastern and 4pm BST. Let it be noted that these items cannot be given away or traded.

PUBG? I Thought You Said Fortnite…?


On a related note, layers of controversy shrouding both games still continue to be at the forefront of the minds of players. This controversy includes a potential lawsuit to the creators of Fortnite for allegedly stealing the idea for a Battle Royale style game from PUBG. Despite the controversy, some note worthy things that as a personal belief make PUBG the better game for me are

  • Less toxic players and a sense of maturity.
  • A more immersible world.
  • Better graphics options.

Whether you choose to play Fortnite over PUBG, both games are inviting, addicting, and enjoyable.

Let us know in the comments how this tip worked out for you.  And, how you feel about PUBG VS Fortnite.