Jaina Proudmoores Questline

**Possible Spoilers**

We find out after Lord Admiral Jaina returns to Kul Tiras that she’s considered a traitor.

Lord Admiral Jaina stood by and allowed her father to be killed by the Horde. She’s convinced her father’s methods were immaterial in the grand scheme of things. The Archmage pleaded with her father and tried to reason with him, to beg him, not to kill Rexxar. Daelin Proudmoore would not hear of this and went after Rexxar anyways. You will notice I am calling her Lord Admiral Jaina, a spoiler for you, Katherine makes her Lord Admiral and steps down.
lady jaina in kul tiras in world of warcraft
Lady Jaina Proudmoore


Daelin and Jaina were two different people, though she loved her father. Daelin believed that the Horde would never be able to change their ways. He hated the orcs and would have given anything to see them die. Jaina believed that they could change their ways for the common good, as such, Lady Jaina helped to arrange ships for Thrall and Rexxar from the goblins.
She even ordered her own troops to stand down as Theramore would get assaulted. What happened that led up to the moment of Daelin’s assassination? The humans approached Durotar and attempted an assassination upon the orcs. Before Daelin died, Jaina asked him why he didn’t listen. 
image of lady jaina as she returns to kul tiras
Lady Jaina Returns to Kul Tiras

Daelins Hatred

Dealin felt they needed to squash the Horde forces before they could gain a foothold in Kalimdor. He went out to search for his daughter and found her with Rexxar, Rokhan, and Chen, all whom who were allies of the Horde. Daelin ordered their arrest, Jaina retreated and helped Rexxar and the others escape. 
Daelin did not allow Lord Admiral Jaina to explain, he took control over Theramore right out from under her. She founded Theramore and all a sudden, her father had taken it from her. He did not count on his daughter siding against him, but Jaina knew her father was living in the past. His vendetta against the orcs would only cause more unnecessary death. She helped Rexxar burn his ships. 
image of lady jaina being judged
Lady Jaina’s Judgement

Kul Tiras’ Desire

After Daelin’s death, Kul Tiras begged the Alliance for vengeance,  however, the Alliance was not interested, as there were more pressing matters. You had what was going on in Lordaeron as the main concern, and the Alliance also did not pity Daelin. They felt his actions were aggressive. As such, the Alliance themselves did not agree with his actions. 
As a result, Kul Tiras closed themselves off from the Alliance. They then focused their hatred on Lady Jaina, because, they felt she betrayed her own family,and in a way, she did. She then took back control over Theramore and hoped to one day bring Kul Tiras back to the Alliance. Daelin was getting consumed by his own hatred, and Jaina feared this would be his undoing. In the end, it was, and it became a matter of survival for the Orcs. 
image of the bfa cinematic the pride of kul tiras
Jaina calling the pride of Kul Tiras

I personally see a betrayal from both Daelin and Jaina. As a mother, I felt that they should have at least heard Jaina out and her reasoning behind it. She, like Sylvanas, does not do anything without a reason behind it. As a result, I feel that she did what she felt was in the best interest of everyone including her father. The question is, what do you think? Do you think Lady Jaina was a traitor to Kul Tiras? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you. You can even join our Facebook group, we hope to see you there.