Khadgar in Warcraft

Khadgar is one of the most powerful mages in Azeroth and the Leader of the Kirin Tor.

Khadgar wasn’t always a powerful mage.  As a learning mage, he needed a master so he went to Medivh. The purpose of going to Medivh was so he could be an apprentice. The Kirin Tor chose to send him to Medivh at 17 years of age. He defeated Medivh after realizing what he was doing. The Leader of the Kirin Tor got cursed with frailty and age but he has been instrumental in the salvation of his world. He destroyed the dark portal in the second war. He led the Alliance expedition in Draenor and counterattacked the Burning Legion.

khadgar in wow
Khadgar in WoW

Who is he?

He would annihilate all who threatened his home and his world. The famous archmage might be a hero of the Alliance, but he is willing to work with the Horde when it is necessary. He will do whatever is necessary for the greater good even if it means working with the enemy. This supreme commander of the Alliance Expedition is also a member of the council of six and hopes to one day purge the politics right out of Kirin Tor. He clashed with some of the more partisan members of the council. You can’t expect everyone to always get along or agree with one another even in a video game setting.

Look at Lady Jaina, she disagreed with the Kirin Tor’s decision to let the Horde back in. Due to this, she left the Kirin Tor. The former apprentice of Medivh happens to be a bit more bull-headed and headstrong then Jaina. Khadgar became the leader of the Kirin Tor. he then coordinated the campaign that happened on the Broken Isles. A little-known fact about The Apprentice, he is Kul Tiran. So, he traveled from Kul Tiras on a ship. He arrived at Karazhan, where Medivh’s servant awaited him.

image of khadgar in the warcraft movie

First Impression of Medivh

At first, Khadgar thought that Medivh was a kindly, old, eccentric, and curious wizard. Medivh ordered him to clean up the library after questioning Khadgar about the Kirin Tor. He usually had his apprentices clean up the library. Khadgar explored the tower where he found a room. In the room, he could see visions of a human army led by a long white haired mage. The mage was battling against creatures with green skin and black armor. At one time, Medivh even forgot that Khadgar was there, and attacks him. He thought he was a thief.

After realizing his mistake, apologized then they went to the top of the tower. Medivh touched Khadgars head and taught him to fly. They explored the Black Morass together. In the Black Morass, the apprentice made his first contact with orcs and warlocks. They both crossed paths with Anduin Lothar, who was the King’s Champion. He and his soldiers were on a scouting missing to the Black Morass.


image of khadgar in warlords of draernor

Khadgar’s Vision

Lothar proceeded to convince Medivh to go back to Stormwind’s defense. Medivh played along, but only long enough for the Horde to gain power. Lothar requested that Khadgar acts as Medivh’s caretaker as well as an apprentice. He even told Khadgar of Medivh’s troubled past. Medivh grew more erratic and would disappear for days at a time, returning exhausted. When Khadgar got left alone in the tower, he would study and prepare for a special spell.

After his spell was complete, he used the spell and saw the epic battle between Aegwynn and Sargeras. Khadgar & Medivh went to investigate the deaths of Hugarin and Huglar. Khadgar soon learned that Medivh is a Guardian of Tirisfal. In case you weren’t aware, the Guardian of Tirisfal is a lineage of powerful wizards. These wizards got empowered by a council to fight the forces of the Burning Legion.


image of archmage khadgar
Archmage Khadgar: Art by

Something’s Wrong

He began to sense something wrong with his master but had no idea what it was. He didn’t even come close to suspecting exactly what it was. Medivh was actually controlled by Sargeras, the dark titan. Khadgar met Garona, who was a half-orc assassin. He, then, learned of Medivh’s plot to open the portal between Azeroth & Draenor. It was already too late to stop the Dark Portal from opening, so Khadgar & Garona rushed to King Llane to get his help.

They went to Karazhan with Lothar and some soldiers to the tower. You witness Medivh in psychic link with Gul’dan, who is the Orc Warlock. Khadgar fought and defeated Medivh and Sargeras. he plunged a sword through Medivh’s heart. Before the plunging of the sword, Khadgar had his life and magical energy sucked out of him. With this, he gained the curse of age and looks older then he is. He lost his magic for a time being, though this was able to get regenerated after a time.

draWING OF khadgar
Khadgar by Bhaal999

One of Khadgar’s most notable feats is defeating a great Wizard when he was nothing more than an apprentice. He has also been instrumental in helping the alliance in times of need. There is many more in his story. What is one of your favorite Khadgar moments?