Karthus League of Legends

“Death is not the end of the journey, it is just the beginning…”~ Karthus

Karthus is truly a harbinger for destruction. With his ability to destroy enemies even in death he is an unavoidable destructive force. His ultimate could lead to that goal of hearing the beautiful announcement “Pentakill”.


Passive: Death Defied

When Karthus dies he can continue to cast spells for an additional 7 seconds, but you will be unable to move from this spot. So cast quickly and don’t miss your opportunity to do as much damage as possible.


Karthus surrounds himself with the souls of his prey which will deal damage to any enemies around him. Be cautious actively using this as it will drain mana when not in use it will allow you to collect mana from enemies killed.

Lay Waste

This is a blast of damage that will explode at a nearby enemy. Keep in mind with this one that there is a slight delay so try to be pre-emptive and guess movement of the champion.

Wall of Pain

This wall will reduce all enemy champions movement speed and magic resist. So it is best to plant this somewhere where they have no choice but to pass through so that you may bombard them with increased damage.


This is the ultimate of all ultimate’s. It targets every enemy champion on the map, cannot be dodged and will deal a ton of damage after the channeled 3-second cast.




Best Build for Karthus Based on Win Probability

Starting Items

Health Potion
The Dark Seal
Warding Totem

The win percentage when starting with this build is 60.8%. The reason for this is the unique passive of The Dark Seal which will allow you to massively enhance your ability power.


Core Items

Archangel’s Staff
Rod of Ages
Rod of Ages

According to the League of Graphs Karthus see’s a 63.2% win percentage with this as the Core Build. Now there are many ways to build his Core but this one will result in optimal output for that victory.


End Items

Mejai’s Soulstealer

This end item will boost your ability power significantly with each kill. So much so that players see a 72.6% win rate with this in their build. The final item for the build is completely at the discretion of the player. It is encouraged to choose your final item based on the particular situation.


Skill Order

For Karthus you want to focus your Q, E then your W last. Players see a 67.5% win rate with this skill order.


Karthus performs best with a combo of Sorcery and Domination. When selecting your keystones you will want to choose Summon Aery, Manaflow Band, Gathering Storm, Transcendence, Eyeball Collection, and Ultimate Hunter. The Winrate with these is 52.9%.

Karthus is a great addition to any team, you will want to pair him against Galio, Ziggs or Syndra. These champions have a difficult time dealing with his onslaught. Try not to go against Viktor, Talon or Aurelion Sol as your chances for victory are greatly reduced.

Do you main Karthus? What are your thoughts on our recommendations? Would you change anything? Tell us in the comments.