Cluster Truck
Cluster Truck


Have you ever felt the overwhelming urge to leap hundreds of feet into the air from semi to semi, like some superhuman trucker? Fear not, friend, you are not alone. I was searching through the games on the Microsoft store, only distantly aware of the screen, however, and this gem caught my eye; Cluster Truck! I knew I was in for the ride of my life when the only text in the trailer was, ( JUMP ON TRUCKS – STAY ON TRUCKS ) This was a sure sign of a great game, and I wasn’t even considering not downloading Cluster Truck for myself.

Level One

Within a minute, Cluster Truck had successfully installed, and I was one step closer to jumping on trucks, and attempting to stay on them. Level one was easy enough, with three adjacent trucks every fifty feet or so. I was cruising at an easy sixty miles per hour. Taking my first leap apprehensively, I believed that I would never land a jump so long. To my delight, the laws of physics apply very little here. Completing the jump with ease, I landed on the truck that WAS in front of me a few seconds prior.

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Have fun navigating through this mess! Courtesy of Gocdkeys

Complete Chaos

As the levels progress, more obstructions and obstacles appear. The trucks move faster, and the terrain gets tougher. At level six the trucks begin to crash into each other, resulting in a cacophony of beeps, honks, and screeching metal. As we approach near chaos only seven levels in, it becomes clear that I can no longer ride on one truck until the finish line. I consider quitting, as it becomes significantly more difficult to “JUMP ON TRUCKS – STAY ON TRUCKS” with oncoming traffic now. Unfortunately, quitting isn’t generally acceptable, so, therefore, I push on. Level Nine: Explosions! Enormous gaps in the road. Explosions! Level Nine bested me. Never did I see level ten or “World 2.”

Go get Cluster Truck!

If you would like to see World 2, in short, you should have a look for yourself! With massive pileups, crumbling pillars, and an astounding rate of increased truck speed, Cluster Truck is an incredibly aggravating and yet very enjoyable game. Have you ever thought, “Hey! I love jumping and simultaneously staying on trucks! Only I wish it was spookier…” Fear not! Or… do fear? Either way, you’re in luck! There’s a seasonal, Halloween version of Cluster Truck! Now, the levitating force that propels you also levitates the trucks a hundred feet into the air. Cluster Truck is a scenic journey, complete with spooky Jack-o’-lanterns, and a spooky path through the woods. There’s also a seasonal, Winter themed version, amidst peaceful log cabins and huge spinning death logs. So muster your strength and go play Cluster Truck! In conclusion, Cluster Truck is simple, fast-paced, plays well, and is very fun!

Check out Cluster Truck’s website!

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