Jdotb, one of the best World of Warcraft players in the world, gives his thoughts on Mythic+ dungeons.

Jdotb is a resto druid who is currently competing on the Method NA team. He will represent them in the Mythic Dungeon Invitational (MDI) LAN finals. While players around the world are scrambling to raise their score to get invited into higher and higher Mythic+ keys, Jdotb gives some of his insights into how players can improve to get into the MDI.

Jdotb runs Upper Karazhan +26

Is money the motive in the MDI?

In an interview with Wowhead, the resto druid from Method NA had said that money isn’t the key motivator for participating in the MDI. “If you’re competing in the MDI to win money, then no it isn’t worth the time. It likely never will be. While the MDI has shown promise as a spectator event, it’s unrealistic to think that WoW will suddenly (in its 15th year of existence) become a force in the esports space with PvE content. It wasn’t designed with competition in mind…the prestige is what draws them, not the paycheck,” he said. “The MDI will open a door, not be a destination.”

Could the MDI be relegated to an entry-level competition?

On that note, what does this mean for teams seeking to climb the summit of Mythic+ progression? The lack of a lucrative reward compared to other esports competitions could relegate it to an entry-level competition. This means the MDI could be a test for aspiring esports players to establish their esports credentials. As it currently stands, there are certain ways to guarantee high scores: roll a team of blood elves. Thankfully, the changes to Arcane Torrent could force teams to experiment with various race, class, and spec combinations. Until the release of the new Battle For Azeroth dungeons, we don’t really know whether or not it will remain an entry-level competition.

Jdotb acknowledged that EU far outpaces NA in terms of competition.

“The only region that has shown it is dramatically ahead of the rest of the world is EU. There were several teams in EU time trials that just missed the regionals cut that were clearly superior to all but a handful of teams from the rest of the regions. I’m not sure it’d be an exaggeration to say that EU could’ve taken a second group of eight teams and still had more talent in that group than some of the other regions,” he said.

The NA/EU divide has been a point of debate for multiple expansions. This far predates the discussions regarding Mythic+ progression. In my 12 years of playing World of Warcraft, the EU region has always been a step ahead. Today, we are no closer to the answer than we were back then. Despite Blizzard being an American company, you can go to the forums or any World of Warcraft site and see that no one really has the answers. Are EU players simply better? Are NA players simply not that good? This could be an article in its own right. The debate rages on.

Could Battle For Azeroth signal a paradigm shift in Mythic+?

There is no doubt that many classes and specs are being reworked for the new expansion. Jdotb acknowledged this as well. “The one thing I’m really looking for in M+ in BFA is meaningful healer engagement in every dungeon,” he said. “There needs to be some kind of damage coming out that makes a healer feel necessary and (perhaps more importantly) challenged at times. I want more bosses where my performance as a healer matters, where my mistakes will mean a wipe, and where my mastery of my class is tested.”

This may have been in response to teams rolling one tank and four DPS, all with amazing self-heal capabilities, to push high Mythic+ dungeons. Hopefully Mythic+ dungeon groups see healers as an integral part to any push for high keystones in Battle For Azeroth.

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