jak and daxter re-released for PS4 later this year

Another Classic Making a Comeback!

In line with our favorite bandicoot and purple dragon, PlayStation is re-releasing another collection of classic platformers with Jak and Daxter. Whether you’re new to the franchise or want to experience the magic again, Jax and Daxter are coming your way on PS4.

Four games total get re-released, Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, Jak II, Jak 3, and Jak X: Combat Racing. The games will be getting an HD upgrade and some additional features such as Trophy support. In addition, they will have Shareplay, Remote Play, and Activity Feeds added to the game. Some online features will require a PlayStation Plus membership.

An Action Adventure Experience

jak and daxter re-released for PS4 later this year
Explore a familiar world with updated graphics. Image courtesy of PlayStation

Naughty Dog’s Jak and Daxter series combines platforming, racing, and puzzles. Revisit the adventure of discovering the truth about the mysterious Precursors. Explore strange new lands and race against your friends for hours of fun.

The Jak and Daxter games first came out on PS2. Some were later re-released on the PS3. With this new launch, it will be the first time that Jak X has jumped platforms since it was first introduced in 2005.

Jax X will not have online multiplayer, but you can still use split screen in order to play with friends. In addition, the game will have adventure and exhibition mode.

They Don’t Make ’em like They Used To ..

Seeing so many rebooted classic games with better graphics and tweaked controls delights me to no end. I didn’t have the honor of playing this game back in the day, but I sure will be picking it up to give it a try. I hope we will continue to see classic games popping up on modern consoles. Especially the platformers.

The Jax and Daxter series will be released for download on the PlayStation store later this year. Prices and exact dates have not yet been announced.