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Jack Black: Man, Myth, Gamer

Jack Black is known for his comedy, music, and acting abilities- and he recently launched his Youtube gamer channel. Black has been famous for several years, attributing his breakout to a role in High Fidelity. He has since gone on to be nominated for two Golden Globes and has become a household name. Black is also the front-man for Tenacious D, a comedy/hard-rock band that won a Grammy in 2015. On December 21, 2018, Jack Black joined the Youtube gaming community under Jablinski Games

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3.3 Million Subscribers

Despite being online for just over a month, Jablinski Games has plenty of followers. Within a week of joining it reached 1 million followers which quickly doubled to 2 million subscribers. Black launched the channel with a short video introducing himself which has now garnered over 9 million views. The channel itself has over 30 million views. The numbers come at a bit of shock since no gaming videos were posted until January 4th.

Is He Really Gaming?

Jack Black admitted in his January 4th video, “A House with a Pin in its Balls”, that people had been asking him when the gaming would start. He answers that by going into the Pinball Hall of Fame and finding the oldest machine there. His next video also nods at people accusing him of failing to post “real games”. This time Black reviews a popular arcade in Los Angeles. In the next video, Black cites computer problems as the reason behind the lack of gaming. Black has yet to deliver the video game content, but he is posting videos that feature games.

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“Bigger than Pewdiepie”

Despite the gradually slowing subscriber rate, Black seems hopeful that Jablinski Games will take off. In his introductory video, he sets his sights on PewDiePie– another gamer channel with over 83 million subscribers. He also targets another streamer, Ninja, that has over 20 million subscribers.

“It’s gonna be bigger than Ninja, it’s gonna be bigger than PewDiePie.”

In his “1 mil” video he continues his promise to be “bigger” than three other channels combined- including PewDiePie.

The Facts

What we know so far is that his son has braces, he likes to go to Guitar Center and has a particular affection for an Addams Family pinball machine. His subscriber count continues to rise as well as views to his channel. Jablinski Games will be posting videos every Friday but with no word yet on when video games will be featured.