image of Persona and his wife at the grand canyon
Persona with wife and child at Grand Canyon

I had the pleasure of interviewing Persona, a streamer on Mixer.

Persona is a streamer on Mixer who loves not just streaming, but enjoys gaming. He loves his family as well. The reason Persona started streaming was due to his love for gaming. He was a competitive Halo player, and even plays halo with his wife, Angie. Gaming has changed a lot about him.

image of persona aka josh sorenson and his son
Persona and his son

Turning Experience

He used to hang out with the wrong crowd, sleep on the streets, and his life was just a mess before gaming offered purpose. Gaming changed his life for the better.  He stopped hanging with the wrong crowd when he got his hands on gaming. There have been quite a few success stories about how gaming has changed someone’s life in a positive manner. Persona is just one of these success stories.

Persona has been streaming for about 3 months, and already has 2,316 followers on Mixer. He networked with other others in order to get this number. Though, he is not partnered with Mixer as of yet, he does have plans as to when he would like to apply for a partnership. He got the name Persona by going through the dictionary.

image of redbeards alliance logo
Redbeards alliance logo

Gamer Tag

Persona means alias in the dictionary, so that became his name. He felt it was perfect as a gamer tag is technically your gaming alias. He is apart of two streaming communities, with DVS Gaming being one of them. The other is Sneaky Devils. In fact, he had a few words to express about the founder, Sneaky Satanist, of sneaky devils.  He explained that her name is just a theme, and that she really is not a Satanist at all. If you were to go to her stream, you might find cute little devils plaguing her artwork.

If you show interest in helping yourself, then Sneaky Devils will help you. There is a charity stream coming up that will be done by this community, but we didn’t get into too many details about it. As far as advice, he would tell a new streamer “Do not give up. Do not expect instant gratification. You can’t expect instant success, do it for fun and you will get a lot further.”

image of person with his wife
Persona with his wife, Angie


He is married with two children. Him and Angie (his wife) have been married for 8 1/2 years. Angie wants to stream, but they need to get another computer for this to become reality. His wife currently works at Starbucks and is also the social media manager for DVS Gaming. Persona works fulltime at Best Buy.

They have their hands full with the children as his daughter is 6 and their son is 2 years old. We even talked about my suggested game for his wife, Black Rose, as he feels she is better with horror games. Persona’s ultimate goal is to assist and help out,  he wants to be able to live comfortably doing what he loves. He tries to be a variety streamer but ends up streaming Fortnite primarily.


two images of person

Games Played

Some days he does wish he could play something else, and he tries. It ends up with him going back to playing Fortnite. Angie even tells him to “Get Good.”  They play Final Fantasy Online, Halo, and Fortnite together. Persona has been playing games for about 18 years old and remembers receiving a game boy color when he was 10 years old as a present.

The hurdles he ran into was to just be consistent and keep the drive. He said it is hard when you only have a few viewers, but you have to find the right state of mind. Once you get the right state of mind, things will come more naturally to you. You can check out Persona’s stream over on Mixer linked here:

image of Persona with his friend
Persona with a friend

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