The law states that you must be 18 to gamble, casinos don’t allow minors access. However, in the world of gaming, it is becoming harder to moderate this.

Video gaming has moved into the eSports categories. They have conventions and gaming tournaments by many major companies. Sites such as allow access to casino games such as video slots, video poker, blackjack, roulette, and video keno. Even Electronic Arts touches on this in The Sims 4 having a Game Con and gaming tournaments in their popular life simulator. World of Warcraft even has a mod called Cross Gambling that allows for gambling on the game.


The eSports organizers have been working on battling drug use during tournaments. Some tournament players admit to using Adderall to help them win, but also admit that this does not necessarily make you a better player. On top of the drug use, competitions are dealing with gambling. Underage gambling at these tournaments is becoming a huge problem according to SkinXchange lead developer Justin Carlson, as mentioned in an email. Online gambling is illegal in many European countries, such as the UK. However, CS:GO does not appear on this list of global gambling sites in France or the UK.

There are some websites that do permit online betting. CSGO Lounge states you need to confirm that you adhere with your country’s laws when you make a bet (including minimum age).  EGB, another gambling site, asks you to confirm you’re of legal age. Erik “2-Easy” Van Hoorn, a professional gamer, says that “Underage kids are betting and there is no way to control it.” He would be correct. These websites do not ask for an ID card, or verification of your age in any way. A minor could lie and say that they are 18 even if they aren’t. If it just asks for a birthday, the minor could then just enter a different year and lie about their birthdate.

Tom Clancy's The Division: Survival

Gambling in video games has become a common way to earn money in-game. Fallout: New Vegas centers on post-apocalyptic Las Vegas with casinos, stealing money from the citizen, bandit, soldier and you. Gambling is also shown in Far Cry 3, Witcher 3, and many more.This gambling could be in the form of a friendly game of poker or blackjack. F2P games can also offer or advertise simulated gambling or online gambling. In a simulated gambling game, such as one you might play on your mobile phone, you are not waging your real money. Some of the more popular gambling games are Slotomania, Zynga Poker, and Doubledown Casino. The real trick is to hook you to the game, and game developers have learned a few of what hooks you to the game:

  • Random reward schedules
  • Illusion of skill
  • Audio and visual tricks
  • Immediate with no complicated rules or strategy
  • Social, competitive nature
The Sims 4
Sim participating in a Gaming Tournament for money at Games Con

It is speculated that simulated gambling makes gambling look fun and harmless. Young children more might not understand how harmful gambling could be if not done in moderation. When you’re not moderating the gambling in these video games, online or simulated, then you are introducing gambling to children of all ages. Not all parents pay attention to the ratings either or might think “This is just another Sims game, so it will be fine for my child. Even though it says T, I’ll still get it for my 8 year old.” They don’t realize that the game could influence their child’s own ideas and actions.

This introduces the world of gambling to a very impressionable child. Introducing things to your child at a young age desensitizes them, making things “seem ok” even when it’s not. What are your thoughts on online gambling among millennials? Is there a way we could prevent our children from partaking in online gambling? How about yourself? Do you participate in any online gambling? Let us know in our discussions and join us on Discord, on our Facebook page, or Twitter!