wowhead uldir load screen

Uldir: Raid Design Done Right (Mostly that is).

With week one of Uldir coming to a close and Blizzard opening up Mythic difficulty, many guilds are moving in prep for the hardest modes. But. how has the raid itself been treating the player base in terms of design and challenge? There are some new guilds that have yet to clear normal. And, some still stuck on heroic due to certain dps checks. So it begs the question, “Is the new raid possibly turning off new players?”

Vet’s VS Casuals.

The first boss on normal difficulty offers a small challenge that prepares new or returning players for whats to come while giving experienced players a small walk in the park, while also reminding them that it will only get harder. The second boss however may give even some vets a small beating as guilds must decide how healers and dps will be split up to deal with different threats. All while dodging environmental hazards and boss strikes. This can serve as a minor deterrent to progression guilds and perhaps an obstacle to casual guilds. Make no mistake, these bosses will dish out the pain, but serve as a test to those who wish to advance.

A Familiar Design with a Fresh Coat of Paint.

After the first two bosses comes a raid design similar to IceCrown Citidel. The familiar deisign allows players to choose which boss they may encounter, with a single boss taking up one wing. However, the trash itself is hard to deal with, even with 340 gear. Mechanics can give casual players a run for their money if certain targets are not focused correctly. In terms of map and art design, it is  well crafted with both troll and titan architecture giving a unique blend of flavor to the raid. And with the option to choose the order that certain bosses are tackled, Uldir succeeds heavily in both raid progression and map design.

How Azeroth’s Top Guys will Fare Against Uldir’s Top Guys.

As for the final two bosses. The Mythrax fight has a very nontraditional way of beginning, requiring players to time their jumps into the boss room. As soon as the player lands, the fight begins which can cause disorder in the raid for first timers, caused by mistimed jumps, lack of slowfall, or a small percentage of fall damage that healers must immediately restore. And as for the final boss, G’Huun. Players must actively and efficiently coordinate between up to two to four teams of runners as adds spawn relentlessly throughout the fight, especially during the first phase.

Uldir Bosses

Some of these bosses will certainly give new players and pug groups a run for their money. Each boss was designed with coordination and team strategy in mind. While this can be seen by top guilds as a great challenge to them. It may leave smaller more lighthearted guilds seeing less of the raid. In the end however, most mechanics aren’t punishing on normal to the experienced guild. But a few bosses do have one or two that is not to be taken lightly. Make sure to be on guard at all times.

Do you plan to tackle Uldir on Mythic difficulty now that it’s released? Will you be going for multiple clears of heroic difficulty? Let us know in the comments.