image of lady sylvanas and jaina
Warbringers Mashup: Jaina & Sylvanas

Lady Jaina and Lady Sylvanas are two iconic female characters in World of Warcraft.

In World of Warcraft, you have both Lady Jaina Proudmoore and Lady Sylvanas Windrunner. These are two very powerful women leaders in the game who play instrumental roles in the latest expansion. The two may be more alike then others or themselves would care to admit. They both serve different factions and are favorites of many players. You may be sitting there thinking “I don’t see it. How are they alike?” Well, let’s explore this, shall we?
image of sylvanas and jaina together
Cosplay of Jaina and Sylvanas
They both are willing to do whatever it takes for their people. Lady Jaina stood aside and allowed her father to die for what she believes in. Sylvanas, in the novel Before the Storm, killed off her own Forsaken. She killed her Forsaken to prevent them from turning against her, and this was due to the fact that she saw Arthas’ sister was alive and well. Though, her methods are a little unorthodox, she is willing to do whatever it takes for her people.
Sylvanas believes that there will come a time when the Alliance will wage war on the Horde; though many would say she has already waged war on the Alliance. Both her and Jaina are traitors to their people, even if you don’t want to look at it that way. Jaina was being responsible for the death of her people and admitted it. Sylvanas took the mantle of Warcheif and “leading the Horde to a place without honor” as Saurfang would put it.
image of the cosplay photography from jaina and sylvanas
Cosplay by Ver1sa
There is also the history with Arthas. Granted, the history is different, history is still history no matter what way you spin it. Sylvanas was murdered and then raised by Arthas to be a banshee. When she broke away, she ended up seeking revenge on him by claiming her home to be Lordaeron. Jaina was in love with Arthas, she left him and gave him the most merciful thing she could; she ended his reign as Lich King even though it took his death to do so.
One thing they both do have in common is that they are both Blizzard created females. I felt the need to toss this in even though it’s an obvious fact. Both are very strong female leaders, even if you do not agree with some of their decisions; that does not change their strength in battle.
image of lady jaina and lady sylanas
Lady Jaina & Lady Sylvanas Wallpaper
You either love to love them or you love to hate them. It doesn’t matter what faction you play. I have heard Alliance players say they love Lady Sylvanas, and vice versa for Jaina and the Horde. Sylvanas desires the Alliance to fall, while Jaina desires the fall of The Horde. That is another way that they are alike
They both want to win the war, of course in any way, both sides would want to win. Both have many titles, most dominant ones being Warchief of The Horde or Lord Admiral, though both do still go by the title “Lady.”

Do you see any similarities between Jaina and Sylvanas? Which one is your favorite, or are you like me and choose both? Let us know in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you.