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The Latest Hotfixes

In the latest round of Hotfixes, Feral Druids have received a buff to their AOE potential, a number of quests have been fixed, and PvP against low-levels has been made easier.


Azerite Powers:

  • Azerite traits have fluidity between specs, allowing players to use traits within other specializations.


  • The Demon Hunter Talent, Momentum, will increased the damage effect of Trail of Ruin, as intended.
  • Feral Druid has received extensive buffs.
    • Brutal Slash damage increased by 20%.
    • Swipe Damage increased by 15%.
    • Thrash damage increased by 15%.
    • Berserk will not be removed when shapeshifting in and out of forms. Also, Berserk will put you into Cat Form.
  • Marksmanship Hunter’s Aimed Shot will no longer deal the 50% increased first attack damage on their second Aimed Shot when using Double Tap. This is bad news for gankers.
  • All Polymorph variants should now have the same duration
  • Fist of Justice now reduces the cooldown of Hammer of Justice if holy power is used on Inquisition.
  • Demonology Warlock will now see their Wild Imps always cast five Fel Firebolts before despawning. Additionally, Summon Vilefiend correctly summons a demon of the same level as the Warlock.


  • The Brue in Stormsong Valley has reduced health.
  • The Tortollan Seekers at Scaletrader Post will now provide mail to Alliance players in Zuldazar.
  • Fizzie Sparkwhistle cannot be attacked


  • In Temple of Sethraliss, Knot of Snakes will despawn when the Merektha fight ends.

Island Expeditions:

  • The staging timer should correctly appear forĀ allĀ players. Moreover, the staging timer is now 45 seconds.
  • The issue causing the enemy AI team to spawn too quickly is fixed


  • The item level increase for Heart of Azeroth upon reaching a new reputation rank was bugged. Players who did not receive an item level increase can take off and re-equip the item.

Pet Battles:

  • The Creepy Crate will not consume itself after being summoned.
  • Toxic Wasteling will be able to move after being summoned
  • Players will receive a message directing them to purchase Greatwing Macaw and Mechanical Prairie Dog, after completing the associated quests.


  • Lower-level players should now be easier to kill by higher level players.
  • Horde and Alliance Bounty bags will grant 100 honor, as intended.
  • The ‘Call to Arm’s world PvP quests are shareable. You are no longer required to loot an air supply drop to complete.

Quests and World:

  • Genn Greymane will not disappear on “Proudmoore’s Parley.”
  • Brother Pike will not disappear on “Ritual Effects” and “The Strength of the Storm.”
  • Your name will not be Akunda after finishing the temple quest line.
  • Scout Mckellis will be at the turn-in for “Powder to the People” and “One Man Against the Horde.”
  • Horde players have to unlock world quests in order to begin the Forgotten Cove quest line.
  • Gloom Hollow provides Horde Players with rest while in War Mode.
  • All players can complete “Umbra’rix.”
  • There is a correct number of enemies for the “Azerite Empowerment” quest.