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Honor Eligibility Changes for End of Season Rewards

The policy for end-of-season rewards was changed at the beginning of the year. Eligibility became dependent on Honor level as well as recent penalties. However, feedback from the community has been loud. As of yesterday, players are getting a ‘one-time only re-grant of in-game rewards.’ 

The rewards will come in February 2019, but not all troublemakers will benefit. The policy does not affect players with more severe penalties. These include cheating, suspensions, boosting, botting, or permanent bans.

If you have received only a chat restriction during the past season, and are Honor level 0 or 1, you may climb back to Honor 2. The deadline for this catch-up is February 11. Any player who has reached Honor 2 by that time will reap all the rewards as normal.

In a forum post detailing the announcement, the developers emphasized the ease of the climb. “As long as you’re playing to win and not making anyone else’s experience a bad one, you’ll get there quickly.”

All this stated, Honor eligibility will remain for future ranked seasons. This event is a one-time exception. Additionally, players receiving more than one chat restriction may also acquire full rewards.

Below is an answer from Riot as to whether they are excusing abusive behavior. In League, the answer is no (although the company is alleged to have its own forms of internal abusive behavior).

We are not. We heard your feedback that it didn’t feel great to receive a chat restriction, especially at the end of the season, and being locked out from your end-of-season rewards for the lightest penalty we have. This change is to offer a one-time second chance to players that demonstrate reform from smaller infractions exclusively. The weight of the chat restriction should remain the same (and we won’t be lifting any that are warranted), but we felt that the impact it had on your Honor Level and Season Rewards was a little too much in this case.”

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