The Hivemind Mount

The Hunt Continues

The news comes after Wowhead posted on Twitter about Baa’l, a secret companion. The tweet speculated as to whether Baa’l may have more answers to the Hivemind riddle than appears on the surface. This is because of the doomsday quotes the cute demon goat sputtered off upon summoning. However, Jeremy Feasel, lead game designer, responded to the tweet.

He stated, “The Hivemind mount was actually a placeholder during beta 🙂 It’s since been removed from data.”

Feasel (AKA Muffinus) then went on to tease, “The secret hunt is, however, far from over. Good luck!”

baa'l companion

His tweet seems to be enough assurance for the Secrets Community Discord. They will continue to solve the puzzles Blizzard has implemented into Battle for Azeroth. If the expansion follows Legion’s format, there is sure to be a trove of secrets. Moreover, they are sure to be incredibly obscure and require thousands of minds.

A Hivemind, perhaps.

Past Secrets

Discounting all of Vanilla, which was for most people a riddle, WoW has had its fair share of secrets. For instance, in Legion players had to interact with a hermit, bringing him 10 orbs scattered across the map. In return, they could unlock a series of special world quests. From there, a companion and mount would then be available.

There is also the Reins of the Long-Forgotten Hippogryph, which requires players to go to Azsuna and find 5 Ephemeral Crystals before any other player. Additionally, another mount of note is the Riddler’s Mind-Worm. To unlock this one, players must find pages scattered across Azeroth in a certain order. The clues for the pages are inspired by the cosmology chart in Chronicle Volume 1. Moreover, the initial page numbers spell out the book’s ISBN.

There are many secret vendors and even more secret unlocks. Blizzard has become adept at providing for a diverse audience within the World of Warcraft. Do you seek out Blizzard’s secrets? Let us know in the comments.