The Shanghai Dragons are the beloved underdogs of the Overwatch League. At the time of their first win, they had lost 42 previous matches and were the lowest standing team in all of Season 1. Despite this low ranking, they managed to gain many faithful followers. Fans wanted to see them succeed, and they eventually did.

On February 22nd, Shanghai won their first-ever game against Boston Uprising. Everyone was ecstatic, even fans of Uprising were happy to see the Dragons secure their first victory. The moment was made even sweeter by the evident emotion felt by Dragons tank player Kim “Geguri” Se-yeon. Their losing streak was finally over.

Shanghai Dragons Victory Courtesy of Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Shanghai Dragons’ Latest Games

Since their historic first win, the Dragons have faced some ups and downs. They won their next game 4 – 0 against the Chengdu Hunters, a convincing win that wasn’t all that surprising. The Hunters like to play overly aggressive, and all the Dragons had to do was wait for them to overextend. They could then pick off the back support line or take out the opposing tanks.

On Saturday, March 2nd, The Dragons lost 2 – 3 to Dallas Fuel. A clear tipping point during this game occurred on map four. Dragons had a 2 – 1 lead over Dallas going into Dorado. While pushing the cart in overtime, the Dragons stepped off the card for a little too long, a decision that resulted in a C9 – when players abandon an objective to secure kills or push the opposing team backward. This moment was the beginning of their downfall. The mistake allowed Fuel to win 5 – 4 on Dorado, forcing the match into a map five tie, which Fuel also won.

Going into this week’s matches, I’m looking forward to some more Shanghai Dragons wins. With more time together, this team has the potential to work their way up in the League. A lot of this has to do with their newest tank player Noh “Gamsu” Yeong-jin. With his skill set and the reinvigorated team cooperation, the Dragons have exciting newfound potential.