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Wowhead Interviewed Ion Hazzikostas and Chris Robinson About WoW’s Upcoming Content

The wowhead Weekly hosts Annie Fuchsia and Perculia interviewed both the Game Director and Art Director about the upcoming content in Battle For Azeroth. Below are the highlights of that exchange. For the full interview, click here.

Heritage Armor

tauren heritage armor

The Tauren were chosen to receive Heritage Armor next because it made sense thematically. When asked about the totem, Blizzard said that it was a cloak slot. They further hinted that they can get creative when designing Heritage Armor for specific races.

Night Elves

Blizzard considers the upcoming patches as an opportunity to expand Night Elf lore. More specifically, it seems Blizzard is returning Night Elves to their vicious roots. ‘They are feared by the Horde for a reason. They are in touch with nature—but don’t mess with them if you mess with their people or their homes.’

Rise of Azshara

The wowhead hosts asked, “…why parts of Nazjatar, historically an underwater area in the lore, appeared to not be underwater in the 8.2 preview.”

The answer is both technical and story-driven. Firstly, Blizzard recognizes players do not enjoy underwater game play for long periods of time. Though they add there will be travel opportunities to utilize the water around the zone. Secondly, Ion noted, “The term, the name… Rise of Azshara… is not just a turn of phrase.” 

Nazjatar might be Azshara’s first effort to raise N’zoths empire from the seas.

Allied Races

This segment answered a few small questions such as whether Blizzard will add more character slots per server to compensate for new Allied Races. They answer is yes; however, the character account limit of 50 will be maintained. Blizzard explained the Vulpera customization options and animations not as a prelude to an Allied Race, but as an aspect of world-building.

The Secrets of Mechagon

Apparently, the Goblins are thinking of all the ways to profit off of Mechagon’s secrets. After all, it is the vault of Mimiron. Ion noted that the goblins will be looking to profit off the secrets of the titans.mechagon