Nigel Rifthold Treehouse

The Hidden Vendors

At this point, if you are reading this article, you already know about the hidden, demonic battle pet, Baa’l. If you do not, check out this prior article. Below are two vendors which, if you can find out how to summon them, will sell some unique pets.

Nigel RiftholdNigel Rifthold

A friendly chap to both Horde and Alliance, you will find actually speaking to the man requires some bribing. Head to Anyport in Drustvar. It is the neutral flight path on the west side of Drustvar. You will contact Xun Xun Sunflower and buy 10 Tirasreli Gourmet Chocolate. This will cost 500 gold.

Next, take your chocolates to a treehouse next to Fallhaven. Within the treehouse is an Adventurer’s Society Loot Stash. It will not be marked on the minimap. Looting the chest grants a temporary title for one hour.

Now the candy comes into the picture. With the 10 Tirasreli Chocolates, interact with the chest a second time. This will consume the chocolates and spawn Nigel. He sells two pets for 100 polished pet charms each. One is the Crimson Frog, the other is a Wad of Spider Web.

“Hey! You’re the <race> that took our candy before!”

“You… You brought us new candy? Better candy?”

“Oh wow! This is great! Thank you <mister/miss>!”


A Vulpera snake charmer, Jenoh is found near the Terrace of the Devoted. Though less hidden and vague than Nigel’s questline, Jenoh is also exclusive. Only Horde players can unlock this vendor. This is because a small questline must be done.Jenoh

Starting with “Desert Flute,” you return Jenoh her snake flute. Following that, you clear the ravine of invaders in three small quests. Finishing the small questline will reward Snake Charmers Flute, teaching a cobra hatchling battle pet.

Jenoh’s store is now open. She will sell a Barnacled Hermit Crab and a Sandstinger Wasp for 50 Polished Pet Charms. She will also sell a Violent Looking Flower Pot for 150 charms, and a Freshwater Pincher for 250 charms.