HELLFRONT: HONEYMOON is set to come out later this year on PC, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4 and XBox One! 

The game will debut as a full-on, top-down multi-player action game on each platform.


HELLFRONT will give up to four players the ability to fight for control over the single-screen battlefield.

The Breakdown of Hellfront: Honeymoon:

Base building, troop management and twin-stick shooting controls are also going to be in HELLFRONT. Making this game a perfect balance between strategy and skill.

HELLFRONT: Honeymoon is coming late in 2018 according to publisher Thunderful.

The game will also feature 1-4 ‘player pick-up’n-play’ local matches and tight PvPvPvP combat. Short matches that won’t drag out is another feature of this game.

Players also have the ability to play solo/co-op missions, or go all out death match. The game will also have a speed run feature that will allow players to compete on the leader boards.

It’s going to be the first game that I’d look at for the game of the year. Definitely not an ordinary top-down shooter with the multi-player aspect thrown in. Building your bases up and managing troops appear to be key.

This marks the first time that Skygoblin, the developer of HELLFRONT: HONEYMOON is stepping away from their story-driven adventure titles like The Journey Down. The Journey Down consisted of three chapters and a successful port over to the Playstation 4 and Xbox One consoles.

Thunderful AB was founded in December 2017 as a parent company to Gothenburg, Sweden-based game development studios Image & Form International AB and Zoink AB, two of the most successful veterans in the Swedish gaming industry.

The merger positioned Thunderful as a veritable video gaming powerhouse on all platforms as the company looked to act more forcefully and bring something more attractive to the market.

This game is the first of many down the line that Thunderful are planning to release in the future. The company is already working on a second game scheduled for sometime in 2019.

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