Awakening A Long Forgotten Genre

An underappreciated genre within the gaming community is the twin-stick shooter. The idea of using one stick to move and the other to aim a character in a top-down murder fest is as old as the arcade. Such games like Robotron and Smash TV paved the way for this genre to become a sleeper hit among gamers. Well, it is time to wake the sleeping giant, because Hellfront: Honeymoon is bringing the twin-stick action back to the frontlines.

Indie developer, Skygoblin, is breaking new ground as it gravitates away from its regular point-and-click titles. The development studio is known for making the game The Journey Down, which is a story-based point and click adventure that is a far cry from their newest creation. Hellfront: Honeymoon replaces the standard slow pace of their games with intense, heart-pounding action. If anything, Skygoblin is proving that it is not a “one trick pony.”

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You have to think on your toes when so much action is happening at once. Courtesy of Nintendo Life

A Hell of a Time

Hellfront: Honeymoon itself is not a moonlit walk in the park, despite its name. Along with a co-op mode, this game offers intense PvPvPvP action. Up to four players can compete against each other in a twin-stick shooting strategy experience.

From what we see in the gameplay, each player controls a corner of the map. They can fortify that area for themselves. Each player can use NPC units and turrets to bolster their defenses as well and provide cover in battle. The game rounds are action-packed and never drag. Along with that, players can compete with each other to make it onto online leaderboards.

The Honeymoon Starts Soon

The official release date for this title is on November 30th. It will be available on PS4, Steam, Switch, and Xbox One. Are you ready for the nail-biting action of Hellfront: Honeymoon?