Being a Healer or a Tank in World of Warcraft can be Daunting.

In this article, you’ll find some essential add-ons if you plan on being a healer. Some of these will be class specific, i.e., Priest, Shaman or Druid. When healing you will want a grid of everyone in your party or raid so that you can select them to heal. You won’t always be able to see everyone you’re treating.
image of the twitchj app for world of warcraft addons
Twitch App

Generic Essential Add-ons

Blizzard has done a great job of adding in some handy default party and raid frames into the game. The Blizzard default raid frames are not exactly highly useful for healers. They are more geared towards tanks and DPS who need to keep an eye on debuffs of other members of the group.
Grid – Grid is a third party addon which will allow you to customize and move your party and raid frames. Most healer grid addons only let you save so many macros to use with their addon. Grid will get used in combination with Clique. Clique allows you to map and an unlimited amount of macros and key combinations to heal. It’s one of the more advanced and most customizable add-ons to use when treating.
image of the grid addon
Grid Addon
Clique – Clique is a powerful addon when it comes to healing due to its ability to click cast or hover cast. Hover-casting is when you hover over the unit frame, you won’t need to click on them while pressing your spell. Hover-casting allows you to save time by only pressing one button instead of two. An addon like this is great for raids when fractions of a second could mean killing a boss or wiping your group.
Now, using the Grid and Clique combo is the most complicated of the healing specific add-ons. There are quite a few add-ons that are “all in one” and pretty popular. It’s normal for someone to start with those and end up using them until they need something more.
image of a shaman healing with vuhdo addon
Shaman Casting Healing Wave
Healbot – Healbot is a grid with a keybind menu that lets you set certain clicks to spells. If you mouse over Fangar and left click it will cast the spell you have set to that specific keybind.
Vuhdo – Vuhdo is pretty much exactly like Healbot, but with a more customizable grid. It also comes with buff reminders and a separate window for your tanks. This reminder is that you don’t lose them in the confusion of your grid.
image of a shaman in wow healing the brewfest boss
Healing Using Healing Add-ons

What healing add-ons do you recommend or use? Or, do you heal without any add-ons? Let us know in the comments! We’d love to hear from you.