War Mode World of Warcraft

War Mode was a small yet great addition to the game.

The pre-patch to Battle For Azeroth introduced War Mode, which allowed players to turn on and off PvP. Previously, servers were classified into several different groupings. PvP, PvE, Role-Playing (RP) and RP-PvP were the types of servers anyone could play on. Patch 8.0 simplified servers into two types: PvE and RP. Players had the option to turn on PvP on both server types.

World of Warcraft War Mode BFA

Why was the small change so significant to World of Warcraft players?

War Mode was one of the smallest changes in the game, yet had a huge impact on how PvP is carried out in the current expansion. Players adventuring out in Zandalar and/or Kul Tiras to complete the War Campaign now also have to fight other groups of people trying to achieve the same objectives. While turning PvP off may be a good idea if you just want to do your world quests and log off, the incentive of additional currency or resources encourages people to turn on PvP. This means that any world quest hub will be a mini-battleground.

Perhaps Battle For Azeroth is an apology to PvPers. At the end of Legion and other expansions, ganking was limited to a few select areas. Max level players would choose to camp Thrallmar or Honor Hold in Hellfire Peninsula, a Burning Crusade zone. The introduction of zone scaling allowed players to bypass such a zone entirely, forcing max level players to camp lowbies elsewhere.

Are the changes meant to force people to PvP at max level?

Since players won’t be able to activate all three abilities at the beginning, there may be limited opportunities for PvP while leveling. However, people still choose to PvP at lower levels. Servers known for their PvP environment (think Emerald Dream) may have PvP going on regardless of level.

I believe that these changes had the intent of pushing PvP onto max level players. Why? War Mode gives options to PvPers other than sitting in queues for battlegrounds and arenas and forces them to fight other players out in Azeroth. War Mode has also incentivized PvE players to collect additional rewards, and may also encourage PvE players to “git gud” in PvP.

What do you think about War Mode? Has it revitalized the PvP community, or World of Warcraft in general? Are you constantly running into the opposing faction while questing? Let us know in the comments below!