Halo Outpost Discovery


The Halo has a history of different events. Those are mostly playable and professional tournaments. Halo: Outpost Discovery crosses into a new live experience event.

An A.I. Hologram, Gabriela, greets you on your way in

We had a look inside the Outpost in Anaheim, California. There are certain things you would expect from an event centering on a video game franchise. There’s PC and console stations for Halo, creator panels, live plays, and a substantial merchandise booth. Meanwhile, there is a set of more in depth interactive experiences. These include laser tag, Pelican training simulators, a Covenant escape room, Nerf gun ranges and shooting zones, and Halo arcade games.

Most of these experiences came with moderate wait times. The worst wait I experienced was 45 minutes. However, I did do a couple items more than once.

halo pelican simulator
My Pelican Simulator crew

Upstairs are panel rooms and the VIP Lounge. Players attempt a tough level on Legendary difficulty while I spent time building my own gamertag symbol on a Surface laptop.

I am especially impressed with the Ring Experience. This exhibit is museum-like. It has replicas of part of a Halo ring-world, a full scale sentinel, Flood infector, 343 Guilty Spark, and Library Index. Additionally, there is a dome projector simulator that does a fly-through of a Halo.

ring world outpost discovery
A modeled section of a Halo

Another interactive aspect comes via the Halo: Outpost app. With it, you can earn unique keepsakes and learn about the extensive lore of built after nearly 20 years. It adds a cutting-edge feel and makes it unique among other events of this type.

I do have one problem that keeps sticking out.

These experiences design makes you feel like you have stepped into the distant future and are taking part in USMC training and history. They hire staff that play deep roles to add to the experiences. Meanwhile, a lot of these events have almost no backgrounds. Only the laser tag has an outer wall that adds to the ambiance. The Ring Experience’s rooms are separated by black curtains with “flimsy” poles. This helps keep costs down, although it does pull me out of the experience unless I am in a simulator or event.

vr virtual reality spartan
3v3 Halo in VR!

Although I have complaints, this is a fun event. It is hard to say that non-Halo fans will be as swept up as the hardcore players. However, 343 Studios has the base to build something unique in future years. I expect more to come next year. Especially with Halo: Infinite scheduled for release next year.