Halo INfinite announcement

Microsoft Starts E3 Like a Bang From a Halo Ring.

Microsoft started its press piece with a fantastic presentation. The company announced the long awaited next installment of the Halo series. This installment is known as Halo Infinite. In a brand new announcement trailer, 343 Industries showcased their new slipspace engine. This was made for the sole purpose of powering Halo Infinite.

According to the games Youtube description, Halo Infinite is playable on Xbox One/PC. Whether a simultaneous launch is planned remains unknown, as the last Halo game that came to PC was Halo 2, which came almost 3 years after its console launch.

The trailer did not show much in terms of gameplay. But, the art direction shown off by the Slipspace engine gave the game a similar look to the art style of Halo 3. Furthermore, this preview showed off certain aspects of the game, including what looks like a redesigned-yet familiar-style for Master Chief’s armor. Not much is know about the story. But, the trailer did tease the game will at some point take place on one of the 6 remaining Halo rings throughout the galaxy. Also teased was the reunion of a certain A.I with the hero of the series. As to how this plays out remains to be seen.

343 Has been Listening

After the somewhat mixed reception to the campaign, 343 has confirmed via their website that the game will take a more focused approach to Master Chief. While also confirming that they have been listening intensively to the voices of the Halo fanbase. Though not confirmed, it has been speculated that the game will feature a battle royale game mode. As at a certain point in the trailer, a squad of marines is shown walking through a large open area.  This probably signifies that a squad based battle royal mode could make it’s way into the final game. So, with the way that BR games are trending, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the Halo series decided to include such a mode.

Whether or not this could happen remains to be seen. But with RTX 2018 around the corner, plan on more to come at Rooster Teeth’s Halo heavy gathering.

Does the new engine look promising? Will you be awaiting, new information? Let us know in the comments.