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Magna Aegwynn By Hipnosworld:

Today, In The United States, is Grandparents Day!

You might be thinking “Wait, we actually have a Grandparent’s day?” I did not know this either until a few years ago. I would have been celebrating it if I knew about it. Why shouldn’t they get a special day? It would seem fair following the scheme of Mothers and Fathers day. So, this article will focus on a renowned grandmother in World of WarcraftAegwynn.
Some of you might be thinking “Wait, She wasn’t a grandmother.” This is the fun part, remember Medivh? He is the son of Aegwynn and yes, he even had a child of his own. His child’s mother is Garona, the famous half draenei/half-orc that you might have seen in the Warcraft Movie. Though Aegwynn likely was not in her grandchild’s life, as far as we know, he knows nothing of her. 
image of the mage aegwynn in world of warcraft

Who is Aegwynn?

As someone who loves mages, whose favorite alliance leader is Jaina, I am drawn to Aegwynn. Aegwynn was the Matriarch of Tirisfal and the only female guardian of Tirisfal as well. She is also known as the most powerful guardian they have had. Her grandson, Med’an is human, draenei, an Orc. He is very unique with the ability to use shamanic magic with arcane and the divine. He has yet to actually show up in World of Warcraft but has made an appearance in the wow comic.
The comic reveals him becoming a guardian of Tirisfal like his Aegwynn and his father. Cultists believe him to be the subject of an ancient prophecy. They desired his power for his own. I am sure should he ever show up in WoW he would be very powerful as his father and grandmother were. This lore about Me’dan is not established in the game, all we know from him is in the comics.
image of aegwynn on the tcg
TCG Aegwynn


Aegwynn was the Guardian for over 1,000 years. The Order of Tirisfal got created to protect the world. The world would need protection from the demonic corruption of magic. The guardians have great power and longevity. Though, the order was a secret that only the greatest magi knew about. The guardian in time become a puppet of the Order and the original focus got lost. Aegwynn as a guardian refused to be a puppet. She would stay focused on the matter at hand, helping with the demonic powers in Azeroth.
The hubris that led to the Guardian’s diminishing became their downfall. After Aegwynn’s done with being a guardian, her path would take down another road. She would serve as Jaina’s chamberlain. Aegwynn assisted Jaina in taking down her own corrupted chamberlain. I have been unable to find out what the chamberlain’s job in World of Warcraft is. I found the UK has a chamberlain that is the most senior officer of the royal household. They supervise departments which support and provide advice to the ruler. I can only assume that this would also be accurate in World of Warcraft, you may correct me if I am wrong.
fanmade image of aegwynn
Aegwynn made by Daerone

Her Training

Aegwynn became known to this day as one of the greatest sorcerers in World of warcraft. The guardian lived in Lordaeron as a child and her mother used to take her camping in the woods of Tirisfal Glades. She got trained by Magna Scavell, who was a guardian at the time as well. She was the only girl out of his five apprentices and wasn’t treated well by the rest of them. The boys would tell her she could not become a wizard due to being a female, but she showed them.
Aegwynn is a very powerful sorceress who has overcome much. She, like our very own grandparents, dealt with the stigma of “You can’t do this because you’re a girl” type attitudes. Is anything about Aegwynn like your own grandparents? How does she relate to your grandparents if any? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you.
image of aegwynn battling the avatar of sargeras
Aegwynn vs. Avatar of Sargeras


DVS GAMING and all of our affiliates would like to wish all grandparents a happy Grandparents day! This includes step-grandparents, foster grandparents, bio grandparents. If your grandbabies are pets and animals, then this includes you too! Happy grandparents day! If your not a grandparent and have yours living, be sure to call them and remind them you love them!

Happy Grandparents Day!